4th stage Lungs cancer treatement?

boom4raj, 11 February 2010 17:13  this question feed

Sir, thank you for your response, as you have suggested some ayurvedik medicines alone with allopathic treament, we want to go to Patanjali yog peeth, hardwar for further treament after initial chemotherapy treatement. Here doctors telling that we have to start chemotherapy immediately after conformation of type of lungs cancer.The report will come after 6-8 days. Here we will give chemotherapy then after stabilising we want to go to your ashram for treament. will it be ok? And we have another doubt that whether we will get accommodation and immediate treatment facilities for this lungs cancer? is there any advance booking facilities are available there? sir please suggest us, we want to go immediately to you after chemotherapy.

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Hello, after completing chemotherapy, you can take an appointment regarding the same.

Please contact management for more details.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 20 February 2010


sir meri mother ki age 58 year h aur unka weight 49kg hai, unko pancreatic cancer hai, unko chemotherapy last 2year se chal rha hai, PET CT me unka max 4.3cms show hua hai, kya sir me apka treatment le sakta hu. Sir help me please. My contact number 94######90

posted by gautampriyank1991 on 17 January 2017

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