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hi sir,m 24 years old,and i have started taking dabur shilajit gold for past 3 days by taking 2 capsules a day,is there any side effects of these capsules?and how long it takes to show the result? will it harden the erection of the penis?and is this the right age to take these capsules.?

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As mentioned, considering your age it is too early you opt out for such medicines. These medicines should be taken by those who are more than 35. The reason behind is at age between 20 and 30, both mind and body are highly energetic.

In majority cases this age group never requires an external agent for sexual satisfaction. But when it comes to more than 35, it is seen men undergo through several turmoils both mentally and physically. In such cases these products are found to be of great benefit.

Also it was a good question from your part as to how long to continue the medication. The time period varies between individuals and the best period recommended ranges between 15 days to a month. It shall be noted that products like these shall not be taken on a long term run.

posted by Dr.Sony on 27 February 2014


i am param dear sir me 37saal ka hoon aur mera penis wife ke sath sex time me hard nahi ho pa raha haiau to mein silajit gold le sakta hoon aur din mein kitni baar lenni padti hai

posted by pkrathod28 on 14 August 2017

should I take shilajit .m 22yr old but look like 18yr oldlike small kid I think my testosterone level is not good according tomy ageso can u suggest mewhat should I do

posted by ujjavalyadu8 on 11 December 2016

Dabur Shilajith gold is commonly used for sexual problems and it is used for other illness like diabetes, arthritis, weakness, obesity , kidney disorders.

Considering your age, it is early to start with medicines whereas based on your condition you can start with natural herbs like Aswagandha churnam and then change or add other powerful medicines after consulting your doctor.

You can take one capsule twice a day for a month and then review with your doctor. You must be able to see some improvements in a month. It is advisable not to take it more than 2 or 3 months but it can be decided based on the response and the condition. If you do not have major symptoms, it is better to avoid medicines and try it naturally.

It improves the sexual desire, increases the erection, controls premature ejaculation and hence the pleasure. It strengthens the nerves thereby a better signal from the brain to erect the penis muscles. By relaxing the mind also will help for a better performance.

This cannot be taken for a long time as it will give you side effects.By following a healthy life style with proper eating, exercise, sleep and a healthy mind will benefit you.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 18 February 2014

Dear friend, Wishes from my yog. Dabur silajith gold is a renowned ayurveda medicine which contains silajith, gold and kesar. It also contains various other herbs including aswagandha, gokshura,safed musali and several other ayurvedic ingredients. This medicine is mainly meant for improving sexual vigor and vitality. Results may vary according to the person and disorders. The medicine can be taken one tab twice daily depending upon the case. Other than sexual disorders the medicines included in the capsule can also helps to reduce generalised weakness and debility. Regards Dr George.

posted by Dr.George on 22 July 2013


Dabur shilajit can cause side effects when not taken under an expert advice and the results vary from person to person.

At 24 yrs its too early for you to take shilajit if you are not facing any erection problems. There are many other medicines available which is very good for your age.

If you would be interested our expert Doctors will guide you for the treatment.

Dr Sujeet Gupta

posted by drsujeetvedic on 11 April 2013

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