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Hello Doctor, my age is 29yr Male.Muje last 8month se mild fever chal raha hai mein jab bhi check karta hun 37.5C show karta hai, muje ander hi ander fever feel hota hai mere mouth or body garm rahti hai meine kai baar blood check karwaya usme mera har baar NEUT low show karta hai doctor ki medicine bhi last 8month se le raha hun kuch aser nahi. Iske alawa meri body fat kaafi kam ho gayi hai.Please muje batye ki muje kya problem hai meri body be red colour ke halke halke daane bhi hai unme kaafi kaarish hoti hai.Please suggest is that any other kind of diseases symptoms.

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Neutropenia is low neutrophil which is commonly seen during infections or any other causes. The associated symptoms are fever, redness, weight loss and infection. So the treatment will be based on the blood tests. Low fever is commonly seen in typhoid also and the red spots is rarely seen pertaining to the abdomen.

If your ANC is less than 1000 with high fever, please consult your doctor. Please send me your blood reports like complete blood count to guide you further. So based on the symptoms the blood tests must be done.

Medicines like Amrthothara Kasayam - 15ml with 60ml of warm water twice daily before food, Mahasudarshantablet can be taken for a month and then review.

Eat light cooked food. Try to eat after you feel the appetite. Include cumin, vegetable soups, rasam, rice and mung dal. Avoid excess salt, oil and sugar. Maintain proper hygiene by washing hands in order to prevent spreading and in catching the infection after you recover from it.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 17 December 2014


doctor shab vaise to mein india se hun but abhi company ke kaam se china me hun to meine china me apna blood CBC karwaya hai meine last month 29Nov ko apna CBC karwaya tha uski report kuch is rah hai:WBC = 6.64 3.5-9.5NEUT = 35.32 40-75LYMPH = 49.20 20-50usme mera NEUT LOW mila jo ki 35.32 tha iske alwa mera MONO,RBC,HGB,HCT high the baaki sab badiya hai. Iske alwa meine yanha Typhoid test bhi karwaya uski detail kuch is tarh hai.KSO 1:160+ <1:80KSH 1:80 + <1: 160KJX <1:40 <1:80KYFS <1:40 <1:80KBFS <1:40
Chinese doctor ne muje bola ki mere KSO or KSH me problem hai but vo sure nahi ki muje typhoid hai ya nahi.Please check and tell me your response.

posted by rana19786 on 21 December 2014

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