Acid reflux and palptations

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Hello sir i m behl, age 32, m suffering from palptations for last 8months that time i feel anxiety n palpatations when i taking omperazole and any drug like gashar churn, ocid etc then i feel comfortable. I m feeling stress many times. I also check ecg ecography Of my heart thats all fine.. But that time my triglisrides near 222. But now this is 130. N total chelstrol is near 185. Last six months i m taking abana tablet daily doses 1-1 morning evening till. I m also taking authentic brand fish omega 3 fatty acid supplements daily from last one month.. Now i m feeling very less time gas related problem one n two times in month then air passes upward to my esafagus n then palpatation occurs. Before 8month same problem occured with me many time but now very less time that is happen to me. I think because of abana n gasharchurn. But sir pls tell me what is exactly happend to me n what is exactly the problem is.? Is my heart is safe? And what is the permanent solution to this problem. Which medicine is best for me? And how long i take abana? N can i take abana n omega 3 both? My age is 32 my height 5'10, my body weight 60kg,

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Acidity and gastritis will trigger palpitation. Even unfavorable emotions like fear, anxiety, will cause palpitation.All the symptoms that you have suggested are inter related, because even anxiety will cause gastric irritations. So you need to take care of all the factors . Abana will help in nourishing your heart muscles, gashara churan will help in reduce your gastric irritation. So you can continue.

Ayurveda Medicines

1.Arjun Kwath4 tsp+400ml water, boil and reduce to 100 ml, 50 ml before breakfast and dinner. Help to reduce the palpitation.

  1. Mix all these powderPraval PistiJohar Mohar pistiSangeyashadi PistiRoseflower Powder1/4 tsp-1/4 tsp-1/4 tsp with warm water before breakfast and lunch and dinner. Keeps the heart healthy, and also reduce the triggering factor for palpitation.

Relaxation and Meditation

Will be useful in your case


Have frequent small meals, avoid sour food and fermented food

posted by Dr. Spoorthi on 9 June 2016

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