Acid Reflux (gastritis)

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i am 26 yrs old, my problem is gastritis, maine endoscopy bhi karvaya tha.usme result ye tha ki Upper esophagus sphicter is tight, erosive in duodenum, lekin mera stomach tight hai, food lagta hai ki niche stomach mein nahi gaya, aur jab saans leta hoon to middle stomach mein me halka sa pain hota hai

abhi mein patanjli gurgaon se medicine le raha hoon,unhone mujhe udramri vati, medha vati, aloe vera juice aur pranayam bataya hai

lekin mein jayada der tak walk nahi kar sakta lagta hai ki saans fool gayi hai

Please kuch advise dijiye mera no. 98######26 Please give me miss call

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Due to improper food habits, there will be chances of gastric related problems. As you have gastroesophageal reflux disorder to tightening or narrowing of oesophagus. Due to gastroesophageal reflux disorder, you have indigestion problem where in turn you may suffer from acidity or hyperacidity and acid reflux disorder.

In order to get rid from this gastroesophageal reflux disorder, you need to prefer fluids, and easily digestible food.

You consume foods like Banana, cucumber, vegetables are very helpful.Cold milk is very useful.Cabbage juice is found effective.Onions and radish is very helpful.Cumin seeds boiled in water is also helpful.

Yoga and pranayama for acidity like Vajrasana, suryanamaskara, Bhujangasana Salabhasana, Shavasana, Pranayamas like Bhastrika Pranayama, Shitali pranayama, Shitkari pranayama, Jallundhar Bandha, Yoga Mudra, Kunjal Kriya can be practiced for getting relief from acidity.

Ayurvedic medicine for acidity like Amlaki to be taken daily in the morning.

Divya Avipattikar Choorna should be consumed weekly once about 5 gm at bed time with warm water.

Udarkalp Choorna should be cosumed 1 tsp with warm water before lunch.

Kutajarist 30 ml should be consumed after food.

Udarasudha should be consumed after breakfast and after lunch 30 ml with adding 2 pinch of Shanka Bhasmam adding to this liquid.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 3 August 2010


Please state where to buy acidreflux herbs as you stated in ayurvedic medicineHow do the following help?You consume foods like Banana, cucumber, vegetables are very helpful. Cold milk is very useful. Cabbage juice is found effective. Onions and radish is very helpful. Cumin seeds boiled in water is also helpful.

posted by lrn1212 on 7 March 2018

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