Acidity, improper digestion and irregular periods

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I have two main problems: 1. I have burning sensation in the stomach if my stomach is empty for long or if I eat spicy or oily food. I have improper digestion also when I eat oily or high fiber food. I have acid reflux also. 2. My periods are irregular and they are very painfull and heavy. Please advice the medicines I should use for both these problems and for how long should I use them ? I am 26 years and medium weight.

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You are suffering from digestive system related problems. Indigestion, acidity and acid reflux indicate indigestion. We recommend you to take only homemade meals. Take light meals and avoid spicy, fiber rich, oily, fast foods and over cooked meals. Avoid taking tea, coffee, alcohol and smoking. Increase water intake and take timely meals. Apart from these simple daily routine changes and dietary restrictions, take package of acidity and hyperacidity for complete cure of your acidity and indigestion problems. These medicines are very helpful in increasing digestive fire, inhibit excessive acid secretion from gastric lining and helps in easy movement of food in GIT. These medicines support complete digestion and absorption of meal and cures acid reflux problem. A regular course will give you very god results and cure your acidity and indigestion completely. Take your medicines for almost two to three months for complete cure and then start for medicines to cure menstrual cycle related problems. M2TONE with Divya ashokarishta is very useful to regularize menstrual cycle bleedings and cures associated pains and discomfort with periods. You need to make a regular course of almost four months for complete benefit. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 23 December 2009


i am 23 ...i am having lesser bleeding during periods from past few months but this time bleeding was really less..i am upset because of this what should i do now???

posted by jagdeepvirk on 5 May 2013

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