Advanced Stomach Cancer

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My uncle is suffering from advanced stomach cancer. Below is the detail information:

Age : 58

Gender : Male

Duration : 3 Months

Problem and Surgery Details : Advanced cancer of distal (pylorus) stomach causing Gastric outlet obstruction with peritoneal metastatic deposits with Ascites (fluid formation). Hence hing gastro-gejunal anastomosis & feeding jejunostomy was done.

He has diabetes and Blood pressure.

Please suggest any medicienes. Thank you!

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Dear GuestWe are sorry that we may not be able to do in this case. Its very difficult to do things now as the digestive system is compromised to the level he may not be able to digest medicine .However we may suggest that he may takeTriphala-Juice and Udaramrit vatiBETS OF LUCK.

posted by Dr.Sharma on 21 December 2012

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