Ama sangrahani and amal pitta

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Sir i have asked you for my ama sangrahani problem.and i m taking mukta shukti 10gm,shankha bhasma10gm,kapardak bhasam10gm mixed with 100gm.chitrakadivati and as you told kutjarishta.i got some relief but i m suffring from chronic hyperacidity sir pls tell can i take avipattikar churan with kamduda ras.i heard from baba ramdev sir pls explain.and can i take this after meal with chitrakadi vati.

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Hello,Along with all your medicines you can consume Avidpattikar Choorna along with Kadudha ras as you requested. You can consume Avidpattikar Choorna at bed time with lukewarm water and the quantity would be 5 grams and you can continue for 8 days and not more than that.

If you are having more acidity, you can avoid consuming chitrakadi vati.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 4 September 2012

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