Asthama, Polycystic Ovaries & thyroid :(

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Pranam Gurugi,

I am living in Bangalore and am suffering from regular cold. My immunity level for cold has gone down to zero or I think negative.Bangalore is a cold city and rainy season is like poison to me. I am doing night shift, I started increasing weight as doctors put me on steroids and also my thyroid sectretion is little higher at 4.25. I have polycystic ovaries at a starting stage and everybody say that this cannot be cured and my weight will keep on increasing. When I do Kapalbhati, I start bleeding and it doesnot stop for atleast 20 days. I am about to get married in November 2010. Am very tensed with my health. Please help me. I trust your medicines.

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Your complaints are related with hormonal imbalance. Your low immunity, PCOD problem, thyroidism, cold, overweight, bleeding complications are mainly due to hormonal imbalances where special attention is needed.

If any of your mentioned problems are severe, you need to consult allopath doctor and proceed accordingly.

However, there are many methods to cure these complaints, and to prevent these complications with the help of Indian system of medicines.

You may need to continue your regular medications for thyroid.

Regarding weight reduction and PCOD complaints, you can consume ayurvedic medicines and meanwhile to increase immunity power, these medicines will help you.

You need balanced diet and adopt healthier lifestyle.

As you mention that when you do kapalabhati pranayama you get bleeding complications, hence you need to stop or do mild breathing exercises and even you can do yoga and pranayama mildly.

You can consume certain medicines such as PCOD Package Medicine and you can consume Santhigiri Kadaleekalpa Rasayanam.

Since you are planning to get married, better you go for Panchakarma treatments which may help you.

To increase immunity power and respiratory problems, you can consume Septilin.

For more details, you can contact us.

With regards,


posted by Dr.Vijay on 11 August 2010

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