Ayurvedic & Home Remedies For Acidity

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Acidity is the curse of too much busy lifestyle. Because of the busy routine there is no time left for proper eating or exercises as a result people are suffering from acidity. Acidity causes several other types of complications in the body. The patients administer medicines like cyrup, tablets, Eno and Pudin-Hara for quick relief but this is not good for health. Rather than becoming dependent on these medicines the patient should try to (cure this) by changing the lifestyle (instead).

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Symptom of Acidity

  • Burning sensation in stomach and heart, sour belching.
  • Vomiting, Increase in heartbeats, palpitation, restlessness.
  • Bitter taste of mouth, dislike for foods (lack of appetite), headache, bodyache, burning sensation in hands and feet, mouth blisters, spots and small pimples on the body are its symptoms.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Acidity

  • Package for Acidity & Hyper Acidity produced by Divya pharmacy of Baba Ramdev is very effective in curing Acidity.
  • Avipattikar Churna is very good medicine of patanjali in Ayurveda.
  • Triphala churna can be consumed at night to avoid constipation which is main cause of acidity.

Natural Remedies for Acidity

  • Take both of your meals (lunch and dinner) on time. Avoid empty stomach or over-eating. Avoid junk or fast foods.
  • Take plain meal. Take fresh and easily digestible foods. Properly chew the foods.
  • Abstain from drinking or smoking. Drink water an hour after the meal. (Try to) Avoid tension
  • Don’t take food items that cause acidity. (Try to) avoid constipation. Include fibrous fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink two glasses of water after waking up.
  • Take half tablespoon lemon juice and equal amount of sugar in half glass water half an hour before the meal.
  • Avoid curd for dinner. Avoid acidic food items. Drink plenty of water.
  • Stop taking spicy and fried foods, tobacco.
  • Add 1-2 spoon of sugar to 4 spoons of radish and take the mixture thrice a day.
  • Take bitter gourd juice after the meal.
  • Walk barefoot on the grass in the fresh morning air.
  • Take one cup of warm water with one spoon lemon juice and take it in the afternoon and night.
  • Don’t allow any type of tension to enter your mind.
  • Add little cardamom powder and one spoon sugar to properly meshed banana (raw or ripe?). Take this mixture daily in the morning and in the evening
  • Distance yourselves from pakodas (food items wrapped in gram flour and deep fried) and chat from market. Take seasonal fruits.
  • Wear linen or cotton clothes
  • Avoid leather shoes and sandals.
  • Avoid sour and acidic items such as black gram (udad) or spiced whey (mattha)
  • Take the fruits like oranges, lemons, tomatoes which are rich in vitamin C.
  • Do not drink water while eating. Take very little quantity if you must.
  • Instead of taking heavy meals twice prefer to take lesser quantities 4-5 times a day.
  • Take dinner 2-3 hours before going to bed. Do not go to bed immediately after taking the dinner.
  • Avoid Tension and anger as these are the greatest causes for indigestion.
  • Pacify your mind before going to sleep so that you get quality sleep.
  • While sleeping in the bed take 5-6 inch (high) pillow under your head.

Home remedies for Acidity

  • Administering aniseed along with ginger or cumin seed helps in abdominal burning and indigestion.
  • 2-3 drops of the oil extracted by the steam treatment of caraway seeds helps in gas, sour belching and stomach pain.
  • Taking myrobalan juice along with emblica juice after the meal is helpful in acidity and heartburns.
  • Taking aniseeds after meals is helpful in bad breath, indigestion and vomit also.
  • Taking 15-20 grams of aniseeds boiled for half an hour in 100 gm water relieves indigestion, vomiting, pain and acidity after the meals.
  • Soak the dried roots of liquorice overnight. Using this water with boiled rice water helps in ulcer. It also reduces the acid flow (in the body).
  • Take 1gram of conch shell calx power and half gram of dried ginger powder add honey to make a paste. Consuming this relieves acidity.
  • Take green coriander, garlic, ripe tomato, ginger and make its sauce by adding salt and chilly. Using (this sauce) is great remedy for increasing appetite and curing all the stomach problems.
  • Taking the 30 gram of fresh coriander juice on daily basis helps in increased appetite in just 3 days.
  • Taking 50 grams of chopped onion with fresh curd made from cow’s milk (effectively) cures acidity.
  • Grind aniseed 9 grams, dried ginger 3 grams and sugar cakes 16 grams to make powder. Taking this powder 3-4 times a day with warm water removes indigestion and pacifies acidity.
  • Roast bitter gourd flowers or leaves in clarified butter and make its powder. Taking its 1-2 gram of this powder 2-3 times a day cures the acidity.
  • Grind bel giri leaves with water. Filter the mixture and then add 20 grams of sugar loafs to this drink. Taking this drink relieves acidity.
  • Drinking 1 tola (10 grams) of regular lime treated water relives the acidity.
  • Grind 50 gram raisin and aniseed 25 gram and mix this powder in 200 gram of water at night. Add 10 gram sugar loaf to this filtered water and drink it in the morning. It will help in acidity.
  • Make powder of 80 gram saltpeter, lemon salt 10 grams. Taking 4-6 grams quantity twice a day with water helps in the transformation of pitta very much useful in heartburn, sour belching.
  • Take cinnamon 2 grams, cardamom 5 grams, pomegranate 2 grams, dried mint leaves 3 grams, emblica 3 grams, nigella 1 gram,
  • 5 grams raisin, 90 gram water, 20 grams rose jelly (gulkand). Grind all the above ingredients in water along with meshed filteration of rose jelly.
  • Sipping the juice extract of Kagzi lime (big and green lemon of citrus family) skin after chewing it well, and putting side its slices helps in pacifying the pitta.
  • Mixing 6 grams of ginger juice with equal amount pomegranate and drinking it helps in the acidity.
  • Drinking sweet pomegranate drink also cures acidity.
  • Drinking watermelon juice also pacifies acidity.
  • Taking sapodilla and papaya also is specifically helpful.

Yoga for Acidity

  • Yoga provides permanent cure for all the ailments but patience and regular practice is required. This is because yogic activities have slow effects on the diseases and completely destroys its root. Practice kunjal for two weeks (1st week with salty water second week without salt)
  • Cleanse stomach by taking enema.
  • Take proper bath twice a day by rubbing the body with hands or towel as far as possible. Lukewarm water can be used in winters. After bath rub the body with dry towel and relax for 15 minutes.
  • Surya namaskar, Kamar Chakrasa, Pashchimottanasana, Yogamu, Ardhamatsyendrasana, Vajrasana, supta vajrasana, dhanurasana (bow pose), pawanmuktasana, sarvangasana (in this pose we lie down and raise the legs, abdomen and bottom parts up like the one in inverted pose (sheershasana) the only difference is that the pressure is on neck and shoulder instead of the head (as is in Sheershasana).
posted by YogaGuru on 13 July 2020


Ayurvedic Medicines For Acidity & Hyper Acidity

  1. Baidyanath Amlapittantak tablet
  2. Dabur Avipattikar Tablet
  3. Patanjali Divya Avipattikar Churna
  4. Maharishi Ayurveda Amlant Tablets
  5. BAFCO ACIBAC tablets
  6. Charak Alsarex tabets
  7. Dabur Drakshavaleha
  8. Patanjali Lauki Juice
  9. Divya Amla Rasayan
  10. Patanjali Triphala Powder
posted by Dr.Gulati on 13 July 2020
Shri Ramdev Babaji I am 31 years old. I have very severe type of acidity. I could not drink even tea which fires at my stomach. I had done lot of kapalbhati in month of Jan 2009 almost for 1000 times daily for more than 15 days. for 1st few days I found better but after 1 month i found pain in the chest at upper side and near central bone. Even if I touch the left chest part it pain sometimes. Pain increses even when I try to breath deeply. I do not know, whether the pain is due to muscle pain or any incontinuity in the heart function. Also I always feel uneasy sometimes in day or at night specially arround 8 pm. I can not control my anger during that time. And I feel like vometting. Sweating on palms and in body. Please suggest & advice necessary YOGA and medicine
posted by GurudattKulkarni23 on 13 July 2020
Baba namaskar, I am suffering from acidity for a long time. Please suggest me the way out. Thanks
posted by MRITYUNJAYKUMARCHATURVEDI25 on 13 July 2020
Swaniji, I have been doing Pranayama regulary since a year , But duet to work pressure at home and office I have stoppped since 2 months. During this period I developed severe acidity and gastritis.Every 2 hours I get hungry and due to gas I am unable to eat. Please guide me what to do for this?
posted by Manj15 on 13 July 2020
dear sir, i am regular sadhak of your yoga throuh television. i have to come up with some problem that my body is facing. i have stomach problem acidity create in the morning and continuous fluctuation in my stomach. three to four time i have to go to toylett. for my mother, she is having cataract in both i eyes. and having bloodpressure for last several years,. for my father, he is having asthama. and white spots all over the body. we all are regular sadhak . pls give your suggestion. yours truly rajesh
posted by rajeshp49 on 13 July 2020
BABA PRANAM My father in law is suffering from giddines & heaviness with acidity problem since 2003.Dr say,s there is compression on spinal between c3,C4,C5 .He is also having high presure.Please guid us
posted by Krishnakumarsingh47 on 13 July 2020
Dear Ram dev ji i am suffering from stomac problem last six /seven month.like acidity,some time get little bit pain etc. show me the way, so i getrid of this problem.
posted by Bijeshpathak43 on 13 July 2020
pranam babaji, i have had a bowl ulsar since 2 yrs. i also have acidity problem,high chlostreol and my iron is very low. i have started doing yoga for a couple of weeks now.i also have alot of stress and have depression. what can i do to improve my health? thank you. regards Nita
posted by nitadattani39 on 13 July 2020
Pranam Swamiji, I am 22 years old. I have acidity problem from the age of 14.I have consulted through many doctors and taken lots of medicines but the problem is yet the same.I am vegeterion & eat only homemade food but acidity problem is not decreasing .swamiji please help me and save me from the burn of acidity.
posted by swetasingh38 on 13 July 2020
Guru Ji apako mera koti koti namaskar. Guru ji ,mujhe pahale acidity ki problem thi bahut si medicine li par koi fayad nahi hua, ab pure din pet fula raha hai , din bar gass pass hoti raha ti, or kabhi kabhi chest me pain karti hai,please koi upay batayen, or mera fate bhi bahut jada hai, eska bhi upay batayen regards pankaj
posted by pankajshrivastava8 on 13 July 2020
i am 30 year women. i am suffering for gatro and acidity every day. please advice to do needful
posted by BisakhaKundu7 on 13 July 2020

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