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I m suffering from kidney stone from last few Years. Even after two times laparoscopy I m not getting relax. It is always diagnosed in right kidney and urinary junction only. Please suggest what should I do for it. I am also suffering from acidity, piles and constipation.

Thanks. Awaiting the revert.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Recurrence of kidney stones occurs in some due to more intake of protein, frequent urinary infections, due to some medicines or illness, less water intake and in some inherited conditions. In such case, the type of the stone must be analyzed to know it better. Please let me you know if you have done stone analysis. Your digestive problems must also be treated.

Medicines like Varunadi Kasayam - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Nil stone, Triphala Churnam, Alsarex Tablets for Acidity can be taken for a month and then reviewed.

Eat healthy food with more frequencies, little in quantity. Try to include barley, coriander, gokshuram, horse gram, plantain stem, bottle gourd to reduce the formation of stones. Reduce oxalate, calcium supplements, uric acid rich foods like rhubarb, spinach, parsley, sweet potatoes, soya, peas, chocolates, meat. Include figs, apricots, raisins, yam, fiber and complex carbohydrates to improve the bowel movements.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 29 October 2014


Hello sir/mam,Kidney stones occur mainly due to improper intake of water and suppression of urge to micturate. Sometimes it’s a body tendency. This problem can be cured with medicines and yogasanas. Acidity is may be due to a stones and acidity will lead to piles. All are these inter related. Take following medicines:1. Tablet Neeri- one tablet three times a day with warm water.2. Divya gokshuradi guggulu- two tablets three times a day.3. Divya ashmarihar vati- two tablets three times a day.4. Divya hajrool ***d bhasma- half tablespoon two times a day with warm water.5. (Divya Avipattikar churna)( https://www.lovenaturalremedies.com/Divya-Yog-Mandir-Trust/Herbal-/-Ayurvedic/Churna-Powders/Divya-Avipattikar-Choorna-100gm.html ) – half tablespoon with warm water at night time. 6. (Arshakuthar rasa vati)( https://www.lovenaturalremedies.com/Dabur/Medicines-For-Health-Disorders/Piles-and-fistula/Arsha-Kuthar-Ras-for-Piles.html )- two tablets three times a day.

Be sure that he will consume freshly warmed water everytime.In diet take coconut water, warm water. Avoid spicy food, outside food. Avoid besan and maida, oily food. Take ghee in diet.take buttermilk with every meal. Take sufficient water. And doesn’t supress urge to urinate.Do some pranayama and yoga like ardhamatsyendrasan, pavanmuktasan, bhadrasan, shavasan, pavanmuktasan, shalabhasan.

posted by Dr.Priyadarshini on 28 October 2014


One thing is for sure that you need to leave the sedentary life style ,if you are leading one, that way Body can detoxify better. Kidney are the mainstay of getting the toxins and waste out of the system.Stones usually occur when ducts are not getting enough to get the accumulation or sedimentation out of the Urinary system,hence recurring stones.

So start following some exercises ,Yoga , Yoga VCD for Kidney.

These ensure the right way to get the urinary system a work out which help eliminate the sedimentation.

You may also take Calcury tablets for Urinary stone,Package of ayurvedic and herbal medicine for Kidney ,which work on basics of flushing the urinary system .

Eat light and easily digestible diet ,take dinner at least 3 hrs. before going to bed ,take of a lot of liquids.take care.

posted by Dr.Sharma on 28 October 2014

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