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meray test main azoospermia aya hai is kay liaykia muswara dain gay kay minn kia karo aur kohi medicine tajweez karain app ki maharbani h gi age 32 sall air shadi ko 2 sall ho gay hain main nai abhi tak kohi medicine astimal nahi ki

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Dear Patient,As the sperm count becomes NIL in azospermia so you have to follow a good diet and daily routine to cure yourself.Take lots of warm milk twice daily and avoid smoking and takeing liquor(if you take).Please take Addyzoa Capsules as 2 caps twice daily before meals with milk.Also take Baidynath Kaminividravan Ras as 1 tab twice daily at early morning and one at bed time with water.Dr Saurabh

posted by Dr.Saurabh on 25 April 2013


My name is Sushil Kr Mittal My age about 50 years, and marriage life is gone abouy 6.5 years but no child but our problem nil sperm count, please advice to give increase sperm count from sperm nil.Thanking you

posted by sushilmittal.118 on 13 October 2016

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