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dear sir, i am resident of karachi-pakistan. sir i am suffering from azoospermia. what should i do? i am married for last two years. which medicine i should take here?

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There are many underlying causes of Azoospermia such as obstruction of seminal passages, in history of trauma to the testis or infection, hormonal imbalances, undescended testis, recurrent fevers, are the most common factors.

Hence, one should get diagnosed well and find out the root cause. Causative factor should be treated first.

It is found that in extreme hot temperatures, the production of sperms is not possible, so if you are working in hot environments, try to change work.One should maintain balanced nutrition and diet.Sufficient fluid balance is important.Adequate sleep is also recommended.Avoid stress if any.Regular body massaging also will help to enhance blood circulation.Exercising regularly is indicated.

One can consume sugarcane juice, milk, fruits, vegetables, regularly.Using natural aphrodisiacs like honey, drumsticks, ghee, milk, etc are as needed is helpful.Consuming fibre rich foods, dates, nuts, also good.

Recommended yoga and pranayama like Suryanamaskara, Agnisara Kriya, Halasana, Dhanurasana, Setubandhasan and Anulomaviloma pranayama and Bhastrika pranayama.

Note: These procedures to be done under strict supervision for the beginners and as per guidelines.

There is certain detoxification programs in Ayurveda like you can go for Panchakarma Treatments such as shodhana therapies(virehana karma) under supervision.

There are some medications you may take:Addyzoa, Speman and Ashwshila can be used.

For any other queries you can contact us.

With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 11 March 2010


My Wife have Micro fibroid. What drugs can she use.


From, IG

posted by Guest on 20 January 2012

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