Azoospermia Problem : Treatment request( Please Reply)

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Dear Doctor,

Age 31 yrs/Weight-65 kgs/Height-164cms.

I am suffering from azoospermia... nill count, married 3 years ago, now aged 31 years, 1 year back undergone semen analysis test and found that i have azoospermia .Undergone scrotal doppler test, harmone test,testicular ultrasound scanning and reports says:

right testis size (vol 2.3cc) and left one ( 1.9 cc) .

Serum FSH -21.2 mIU/ml , Serum Testosterone – 244ng/dl, Serum LH – 18.9 mIU/ml.

From last april 2010 undergone 1 year homeopathy treatment but No result

I do not have any bad habits like smoking and alcohol. But use to do masturbation regularly for some years .Last week went to Infertility center and Doctor physically examine (first time) and said the size of the testes is very small so effecting sperm production. But given 2 weeks medication and suggested me to go for advanced treatment after 2 weeks on risk basis, if not told to get sperm donor ….which I am not keen.

Please help me to come out of this situation as I am really in depressed condition and getting tensed.

Requesting to suggest me with daily diet , medicines and list of regular exercises if any.

Semen Analysis Report:

Vol : 2.0ml

Reaction :Alkaline

Microscopy : 0 to 2 puscells/HPF

: 0 to 1 RBC/HPF No Spermatozoa seen

Liquifaction time :35mins

please support me about any treatment is available for my case and do reply with process and procedure.

Advance Thanks


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Ayurvedic Medicine

Dear RajPlease don't get anxious so much , as its not good for the reproductive system which is already not functioning well .Although its a difficult problem to treat, but i have seen a Ayurvedic Physician has opened a dedicated hospital to this only,Dr.Ram DAS Avhad ,KOPARGAON. You can track him on web and give them a call . They do specific treatment in Panchkarma , we may achievedesired results.Some recommendations:

YOga:Yoga VCD for Childless couple by Swami Ramdev ji (Hindi).

Diet: Keep Almonds in earthen pot for night ,then take it in morning ,Bananas , Anjeer etc. are good for you.

Some Medicine : Addyzoa Capsules for Male Infertility,Oligospermia & Other Genital Diseases,etc. They help provide strength and desired results. [I Hope you don't have a kidney condition as these medicines may hamper.] Do not move too much in sun,eat spicy and hot potency foods while taking these medicines.

Please feel free to ask of luck.

posted by Dr.Sharma on 19 December 2012

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