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Hello, my baby girl (1year 3 months) from past four months is occasionally suffering from fever. Fever repeats twice in a month and her temperature rises up to 101. During fever she often vomits and she stops eating. Her weight is also very less (10 kg). When I consult doctor he just advice to give calpol and medicine for vomiting. After taking medicines she gets OK but after a week or two again fever and other symptoms repeats. Please advice me what should I do. I am fed up with alopathy medicines. Can ayurvedic medicines cure my baby girl fever and help her gain some weight.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

HelloIf the blood tests are normal for your baby,first deworm her.Then start with(1)Haridrakhand 1/4 tsp in the morning with honey or warm water or milk.This will improve immunity and fight against recurrent infections.(2)Amritarista 10ml plus 2 gopichandanadi tabs crushed in it should be taken twice daily after food whenever there is fever.(3)Astachoorna 1tsp with warm water or buttermilk before lunch everyday for 1 1/2 month.This will help in digestion and improve appetite.Follow this for 1 1/2 month and if she attains some appetite and fever stops,for gaining weight and improving health Narasimha rasayana 1 tsp,followed by a glass of warm milk can be given daily at bed time.Include balanced and variety foods in diet.Avoid cold foods,junk foods and artificially flavoured and coloured foods.Give vegetable soups and warm foods.

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Repeated fevers is be concern that needs attention ,you may seek a second opinion about it and get some tests etc.done .

She may also have some problems with Milk " she is having.If you are breast feeding then you may also take some medicine along with her.

You may take giloya ghan vati

Also give her half a teaspoon of giloya ras mixed with little honey.

Also you may give her arvindasava in very little quantity and diluted through out the day.

best of luck

posted by Dr.Sharma on 28 May 2013

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