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charade, 8 April 2013 12:26

Hi I have a 10 year old daugter with now mild ADD/ADHD (she is on a healthy natural eating diet with no food dyes and 0 to very little junk food) She will not take pill forms of anything.(Her daily vitamins are chewable) I was reading the different posts by others with Dr's responses. I think my daughter could truely benefit from Bramhi Capsules and Medha Vati. I have read and understand the dose's however do these come in other forms like liquid or powders? Or may I simply remove the capsules and mix the inner ingrediants into water? Please advise. It is greatly appreciated also are there other remedies that can help to improve her concentration, memory and lower the forgetfulness?

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


You get Brahmi and other memory boosters in various combinations such as powders, capsules, tablets, syrup.

Here's the prescription for you.

1.Brahmi Powder: 1tsp with 1 glass milk twice daily before food. ( GIve this instead of Horlicks or any other drinks.

  1. Brhami Thailam Use: Apply it on to the forehead and scalp and massage it properly for 5- 10 mins.

Also start giving her Swarnabindu Prashana , which is done every month on Pushyanakshatra day. This is will help in overall development of her mind & Body.

Thanks Dr.Krish

posted by Dr.Krish on 19 April 2013

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