Can i take triphala for hypertension

jasmine20, 27 March 2013 9:51  this question feed

hi i am aged 32 yrs...I have my bp as 140/90...and heart rate is 105...Iam not using any medication right now...can i take triphala for reducing bp n heart rate...if so how long should i take..

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Triphala is good to have but may not be an alone answer to Bp proble,.

Yes you can take triphala but along with you may take cardimap which will be highly beneficial for you apart from lowering Blood pressure ,it reduces stress and anxiety.

Also with it you may do yoga according to yoga vcd for blood pressure, these when practiced properly shall benefit you in a big way.


posted by Dr.Sharma on 10 April 2013


Dear, From the Ayurvedic point of view high blood pressure requires natural means to control diet first, excercise, herbs ,meditation, yoga which have no side effects may be quite sufficient to deal with hypertension.However, high blood pressure does require doctor's supervision.Rather follow these tips Avoid Excessive salt, fried food or hot spicy food ,Avoid Stress by doing Deep Relaxation Breathing Exercises.Magnetic Water -put a cupful of water in a glass next to the north pole of a magnet .let it sit for 2 hours. Drink a cupful of magnetic water twice a day.Charging the water in this way increases its diuretic property and thus helps down in BP.Herbs for hypertension is Punarva 1part ,jatamamsi 2 parts ,musta 2parts, tagar 1 part Use 1/2teaspoon of this mixture in a cup of luke warm water and drink twice in a day.You can take triphala it controls the harmful effects of diabetes such as constipation ,digestion , burning urination and acts as cooling agent.But along with Triphala you must take medicine to bring down the Blood pressure normal.Hypertension may lead to serious complications .it would be wise to use them in conjuction with the advice and care of your physician. Mail at ay******thytips@***.com if you have any query. I wish you good health.

posted by Dr Ayur on 13 April 2013

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