Child is 3.5 year old with digestive issue and speech delay

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My child is 3.5 year old. He does potty once only in the morning but it is usually loose and with food particles. He chews food really well and eats well. His appetite is good. But he is very lean and is only 13 kg. Other issues is that he is speech delayed. He can talk in 2-3 word sentences but not as per his age. His words are also not clear. He has anxiety issue also with loud noise. He is calm and happy boy and he plays appropriately with toys. He is very social and happily goes to school. What can i do for his speech and digestion and weight gain? Please help.

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Hello, average weight of 3-4 years old boy should be 14 to 15 kg but different kids have different metabolism and weight. So in general I don't think your child is underweight and something to worry about. In general you can give him some tonics like: dhootapapeshwar chyawanprash and patanjali powervita in milk for weight gain. For digestion issue quarter teaspoon of Triphala powder can be given before sleeping for a week and then reviewed. Speech is something which your child will recover with time because some children are speech delayed and not an issue.

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