Child with mild autism & mild stone delay problem.

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Respected Madam, With due respect willing to inform you that I have a daughter of age four years one month now. My child have few problem at her birth time, doctors are said that is birth asphyxia. She cries after 5 minutes of birth time, then doctors given her oxygen & admitted at NICU for 6 days. Her breathing rate also high at that time. Her mom have lack of breast milk, so she cannot take breast milk & during 1st month she have so many problem to consume formula milk & after 26 days of her birth again admitted at NICU for dehydration & diarrhea problem. After that she is stable but she has milestone delay problem. At two year of her age MRI report shown few brain cells damaged. Her neck stiffen at the age of 6 months, she start crawling at the age of 18 months & standup and start walking at 2 years 10 months age. She can understand responds so many instruction of our now. We start physiotherapy from the beginning & behavioral therapy also continues. But main problem is speech. She only can speak daddy & mummy from the age of two years, but cannot say more then that, her hearing is normal, speech therapy cannot continue because speech therapist said she has lack of concentration to start speech therapy. So please suggest what can I do now? , So kindly send me a reply by mention the suggestion & if have any Ayurveda madicine for it. Thanking you Yours sincerely Subrata Hazra. My mail id: ba****** My mobile No.: +91-98######19.

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Hello Sir,

With the poor APGAR score, there are chances of getting postnatal complications and that is the reason why your child is having recurrent infections and lack of immunity system and delayed milestones. We need to understand every aspect of growth of baby and understand the consequences and as you mentioned that brain cells are damaged, I assume that the severity is mild to moderate and as kid grows up, there could be many changes and as a precautionary measure, you can even start with some preventive care methods in terms of alternative system of Indian medicines including Ayurveda, Siddha, homeopathy, etc. Physiotherapy and naturopathy are definitely helpful for your kid and along with that Ayurvedic treatments like Talapodichil or Shiordhara, Nyavara Kizhi are helpful on admission.

You can also start with the following Package Medicine there are medicines in this package which are helpful if consumed in the combination. So you can start having these medicines for your child along with above mentioned therapies. For completely ascertaining your kid’s condition, it is better to consult directly with doctor and get his condition completely evaluated and further treatments can be carried out.

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hello sir my 4 year old daughter dignosed hyper active & mild autism she speaks some words but she never speaks sentences she learn alphabet & numbers,colours but she is very poor in social comunication.lack of consentration.plz suggest me some ayurvedic medicines.

posted by kingsaga91 on 3 November 2016

I am asking if you can suggest me about any ayurvedic Medicine for my 6 yrs old son who is suffering from Global Devp Delay. I like to get some positive response from your farm. Thanks a lot

posted by subhra on 14 August 2016

Children who face difficulties during or after birth, tend to show delay in milestones based on the effect in the brain. Speech difficulty and delayed milestone is a major problem in Autism. Autism is due to an abnormality in the brain affecting the speech, social behaviour and difficulty in communicating with others. So Ayurvedic medicines can be given to improve the concentration and to improve the function of the brain. The delayed symptoms must be spotted to improve it. Try to speak to her slowly and try singing rhymes or songs which will be a stimulation to talk. There are no specific medicines or treatments, but more care with attention will help to improve the symptoms. Ayurvedic medicines like Sarasvata aristam, MahaKalyanaka Ghrit - one tsp before food with milk at night and Vaca churnam - 1/4tsp after food with honey can be taken twice daily. The early identification and proper efforts will help to find some improvement with the symptoms.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 18 April 2015

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