Chronic Kidney disease

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Hello Doctor I am 50 year female, seeing nephro doctor over 10 years fm 2005. Than creatinie level was 1.1, last report of May 2015 is 2.8. 1st Biopsy done in 2006, nothing serious found. Doctor want to do 2nd Biopsy. Please advise how much creatinie level is serious and I may need Dialisys or Transplant.

I donot have High Blood pressure or Diabities but Doctor have prescribed blood pressure medicine for last 10 years which i was taking to date but not helped. I am taking Divya Muktavati From last 3 months which seems helping my blood pressure to normal level.

Doctor say you have scar in Kidney that have damaged kidney cells which is not helping filteration and you are loosing protin in urine.

Plese advise if I start taking the package of ayurvedic & herbal medicines for kidney / renal failure of Ramdev product will help to cure my kidney. I don t want to go on Dialsis or Transplant.


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Hello Madam,

You may start with the package medicine for one course, however it is strongly recommended to visit nearby Ayurvedic doctor, as physical consultation is recommended, so that doctor can check all vitals and deep case history can be can be taken. Because why doctors are strongly recommending dialysis is not clear, in such cases better not to take any kind of risks. If you have further doubts, please contact us.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 30 June 2015


Dear Doctor, My wife is a patient of chronic renal failure. Presently her creatinine -11.6, Urea-102, having high BP 150/145 to 90/100, hb-8.1, Potassium-6.1. It was detected in July 2014 when her creatinine was 6.7 and urea was 138, Potassium-5.6, hb-9.2. But I did not go for Dialysis though the Doctors/Hospital pressed me for Dialysis. She was under treatment of Homeopathy. On 1st week of Dec-2015, he again feeling illness for which we compelled to admit her in Hospital at Kolkata where Dialyses was started. In 11 days day, they completed 05 dialysis. She was discharged for hospital on 27.12.15 and the dialysis was continued twice a week. But again I continued Homeopathy and also Patanjali medicines. I always tried to ignore Dialysis and started to make gap of one Dialysi for which it becames onece a week but weight gain was on 1.7 kgs. So far I collected from net, presently she is taking 2 (in empty stomach)+2 Divya Mukta Bati, Vrkkadasahara kwath-2.5g (200 ml water and make it 60 ml by boiling, in empty stomach), Punarnavadi Mandoo-2+2, Divya Gokhshuradi Guggulu, Divya Vrkkadoshar vati ( all 1+1, after meal& dinner) with homely diet chat. Patanjali herbs has been started from 6.2.2016. Last Dialysis done on 3.2.15, presently she has no any problem, swelling and almost normal urine and I do not want to go for Dialysis. Sir, please advise me regarding the medicines (prescribed by me) and taking of medicines (time) is correct, if not, please give me advise and whether there is any side effect for long use of such medicines. On 11.2.2016,again checking was done when creatinine -9.7, urea-98, hb-7.8, potassium-5.8. Till your reply will continue such consumption.

posted by chakrabortyrajib54 on 14 February 2016

Thank you Dr. Ramani and Dr. Vijay

Below is the latest blood test result done on June 2, 2015 Result Reference Sodium 143 136-145 mmol/LPotassium 4.7 3.5-5.1 mmol/LChloride 105 98-107 mmol/LCarbon Dioxide 25 22-29 mmol/LGlucose 156 74-99 mg/dlUrea Nitrogen 60 6-20 mg/dlCreatinine 2.94 0.5-0.90 mg/dlBun/Creat Ratio 20.0 10-20Anion Gap 13.00 5-17Glomerular Filtration Rate 17 >=60Osmolality(Calculated) 315 280-305 mosm/kgCalcium 9.0 7.6-10.4 mg/dlPhosphorus,Inorganic 4.4 2.5-4.5 mg/dlVitamin D25-Hydroxy Total 19.9 >=30 ng/ml

At present I donot have any of symptoms. My blood pressure is normal. I am on strict (Indian) diet have lost weight apx. 8 lbs. in last 3 months. It is now 146 lbs from 156 lbs.

Doctor is not giving clear answer of when will i have dilysis or transplant. They say it is too early to say.

Please let me know If i start taking Package for Chronic Kidney Failure along with alopathy (so far is only Losartan of Blood pressure) will help. I have also started Anulom Vilom from this month.

Please advise your opinion.


posted by prajdinesh on 27 June 2015

Thank you Dr. Ramani & Dr. VijayBelow is my latest blood report of June 02, 2015Next appointment is scheduled on July 7, 2015. Result. Reference
Sodium 143 136-145 mmol/lPotassium. 4.7. 3.5-5.1 mmol/lChloride. 105. 98-107 mmol/lCarbon dioxide. 25. 22-29 mmol/lGlucose. 156. 74-99 mg/dlUrea Nitrogen 60 6-20 mg/dlCreatinine. 2.94. 0.50-0.90 mg/dlBun/Creat Ratio. 20.0. 10-20Anion Gap. 13.00. 5-17
GFR Rat Cal. 17. >=60Osmolality(calculated) 315 280-305Calcium. 9.0. 7.6 - 10.4Vitamin D. 19.9. >=30

My blood pressure level is good. I am taking Muktavati & Punarnavdi Mandur along with Blood Pressure medicine prescribed by Docyor.

Please advise I can start package medicine will help to control creatinine level.


posted by meenaxi on 23 June 2015

The scarring of kidney is seen in Glomerulonephrosis which affects the glomeruli and cause proteinuria. It usually progresses slowly in those who have blood pressure or diabetes. It is known as focal glomerulonephrosis when some glomeruli functions normally. So biopsy is necessary to find the damage along with other investigations.

Dialysis is advised when the Kidneys become inefficient to remove the wastes and Kidney transplantation is done in End stage kidney failure as the kidney function declines. It is especially advised when GFR < 30 mL/min/1.73 m2 or in the later stages of Kidney disease. Please let me know the other blood tests to guide you further. It is necessary to have the creatinine levels less than 1mg/dl. Please check your cholesterol level also.

Package for Chronic renal failure can be taken along with the advised allopathy medicines.

Eat healthy food with berries, turmeric and coriander. Reduce excess salt, oil and proteins. The progression of the disease varies in each person. Dialysis or kidney transplantation will be advised based on your blood reports and symptoms. Please do have regular checkups.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 19 June 2015

Hello Madam,

As you are suffering from similar complaint since 10 years and apparently stable with medications. Depending on the severity of the condition in Ayurveda there are medications. If you are condition is severe, then there is limitation in Ayurveda. However based on your descriptive query, it is clear that there is no severe damage happened though with history of scar in kidney that is destroying cells. Definitely you may need to follow anti-hypertensive medications to keep your kidney function normal. Similarly in Ayurveda there are some medications which you can take simultaneously if other parameters are coming normal.

In your case Package Medicine that contains multiple medicines which helps to improve normal kidney function and helps to prevent soft tissue damage. You can take them in parallel, however try to keep a tab on your blood levels and kidney functioning. It is always better to avoid any type of alternative medications if doctors are suggesting dialysis as an option in peak levels. If your condition is mild to moderate, then you may consume these medicines and before starting it is better to consult doctor for further assessment and to rule out other complaints if any.

You may practice normal breathing exercises and pranayama which will help and avoid strenuous works that may increase our blood pressure.

Even diet wise it is important to avoid preservative food items or packaged drinks and beverages, including caffeinated beverages which are harmful in your case.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 19 June 2015

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