CKD & Stroke related paralysis

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My wife aged 70 yrs had septicemia in Oct 2016. She was in ICU & got 6 dialysis. She was OK & discharged. But she was given some medicine. In Dec 2016 she got stroke & got left side paralysed. CT Scan & MRI veino showed that she had clot on right side of brain. Because of physiotherapy she is able to sit & move her legs & hand. But she is not able to stand & walk. Her recent clinical tests reveals that creatinine is 1.6 Potassium 5.5 Hemoglobin 9.0. She used to have Erythropoietin injection for Hb. Which has increased to 10.2. When discontinued again Hb has come down. Physiotherapy is on. She is obese. Please advise so that she can start standind & moving.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Paralysis is seen commonly due to infarct in the brain. Please check blood sugar level and blood p[ressure regulalry as advised. Ayurvedic medicines like Dhanvantaram kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Gokshuram cpasules - 2 after food twice daily and Simhanada guggulu can be taken for a month and reviewed. Ayurvedic treatments like oil massage, pizhichal, leaf poultice and rice poultice are beneficial to strengthen the muscles and will improve the movements. Dhanvantaram thailam can be used to massage. The recovery will be slower in older persons compared to younger adults due to the reduced plasticity of the brain. Include coriander, drumstick leaves, celery, ginger, turmeric, garlic and cinnamon. Reduce excess pungent spicy foods, salt, refined flour, canned foods, cold refrigerated foods, sugar and oil. Please do have regular checkups as advised by your treating physician and do check creatinine level after 3months.

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