Cold, Fever and Pregnancy

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Dear Dr,

I have been having cough and cold for over two weeks. I thought it will go away soon but it’s not going away. Can you please suggest me some safe Ayurvedic medicines or home remedies for Cold and light Fever during pregnacy(first trimester)?

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Cold and cough is a common disorder which is viral infection related. After analysing all factors one should go for appropriate treatment. Since you are in First trimester, you can consume some restricted medicines. Due to low immunity power, and due to many other factors, there may be chances of cold and cough. You can concentrate on natural remedies and home remedies which is helpful for you. Though there are safe medicines for cold and cough, you can rely on both remedies. In ayurveda and siddha, there are medicines such as Tulsi Ghan Vati, Tulasi Capsules, and you can have eucalyptus leaves steam which is also effective home remedy. You can consume Divya Giloy Vati one tablet twice daily after food, and Divya Chyawanprash with Safron is good to take one teaspoon or one tablespoon daily after food twice a day for improving immunity power and to reduce the risk of cold and cough recurrently.

Practicing pranayama and yoga is also beneficial for your condition. Avoid consuming cold food items, spicy foods, and the foods that may aggravate cold and cough.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 1 December 2011

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