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ashit, 30 April 2014 9:33

Hlw guru g I have a problem of bowel obstruction since last 10 month my colon has been swells I can feel there was a long lumps in the left lower abdomen I have done several test ultrasound, endoscopy, kidney, liver function test urine,stool and h pylori tests everything thing was Normal except that h pylori shows positive I taken doctors medicine along antibiotics completed the doses but problem was same as same. After I have done colonscopy there was swell of colon and become narrow left colon tract but there wasn't any wound he told me that all cause by acidity so he gives me Somes laxative, ibs 135,omoproziles, diesgin etc for a A month again I completed dose problem still I m scare may this problem not turn over major problem.not passing gas,abdominal cramp,pain,buzzing and growling same side of stomach passing not well formed stool, rectal discomfort,constipation and regular mild pain and inflammation in the lumps side has made my daily life so stressed and irritated. Somebody told me about ayurvedic medicine so I consult with ayurved doctor they provide me hyperactivity package along Aloevera juice and Amla juice but it was not much effective is it the right medicine that I should take or there any other ayurvedic medicines package for cure my swelled colon that I should take if there so please tell me which one should I take. I m waiting for ur answer your one right information and answers can save my life.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Our stomach is designed in a such way that it is enriched with lot of biological flora to maintain the acids for an optimum digestion. This equilibrium will be lost due to the affliction of certain bacteria which affects the mucous lining of the stomach so that the acid production is altered leading to bloating, vomiting or nausea, loss of appetite, burning sensation, weight loss ,cramps in the lower abdomen.

This get aggravated very badly with stress . As all your related reports are fine there is no major risk , but then you will have to highly modify your diet.

Have only easily digestible simple food for few days or for few weeks as in rice porridge. Since your mucosal lining is already weakened ,you should not give overload to your tummy with lot of food as it can be harmful.This will regenerate the lost mucosal lining. The juices which was given to you can be stopped for a while.

Additionally you can take few medicines like Divya Triphala choorna1tsp at bedtime with slight luke warm water.

Divya Hareetaki choornam 1 tsp at bedtime with lukewarm water.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 3 May 2014



From the clinical picture given here, it seems to be a case of Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS).This condition is clearly mentioned in ayurveda as grahani and has definitive treatment principle as well.

Here area few of my suggestions.

  • Indukantham ghritha - This is a classical ayurvedic preparation which is available as a medicated ghee. It shall be taken at a dosage of 1 tsp twice daily. It shall preferably be taken an hour before food.

  • Shadharanam kashaya - This is a classical ayurvedic medicine which is available as decoction. It shall be taken at a dosage of 30 ml with equal quantity of water. It shall be taken three times a day preferably an hour before food.

  • Bahushala gulam - This medicine available in the form of herbal jam shall be taken at a dosage of 1 tsp twice daily. It shall preferably be taken after food with milk.

  • Avoid fast foods and oily ones as much as possible.Consume good quantity of water as well.Consume food which is rich in fiber content.

    Follow these medicines for upto a month or two and review.

posted by Dr.Sony on 2 May 2014

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