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Respected Doc, My son is 4and half yr old and he suffering from a topical eczema. He is food allergy of dairy product, chocolate, fry things, very sour things.he got eczema when he was 18 month we gave vaccination after that eczema came. He was born very healthy baby. Now he itches very night without eating these food. Pl tell me if any cure of this . God bless u please help me to get rid of it.we have done so many treatment but no differences and one more thing with homeopathy treatment it become worsen and still it same. Now we give him Zyrtec whenever he itchness and apply coconut oil in breaking skins and otherwise we apply good moisture . Anything u want to know ur welcome . Pl cure my son .

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Dear parent, We understand the situation. It is an exematous situation as you said. I request you to stay calm. This condition is like that only. It will not respond to any medicines for while in certain times. Though u avoid all the aggrevating food stuffs it will be there as such. I feel this is not the right time to go for alternative system of medicines. You consult a skin specialist and control the situation by taking antibiotics and topical applications. Go with that for a couple of weeks. Stick on the food stuffs which you are following now. The condition will definitely be under control in a few weeks. We will discuss about further medication after this.. Do contact us for any more help. Give him plenty of boiled and cooled water.No self medication please. Regards Dr George.

posted by Dr.George on 29 April 2013

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