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I am 24yr old female cycle is of 32 days it fine or there is some ovarial problem ..can it be made of 28 days ??

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Usually after attaining puberty, there would be chances in menstrual cycle where you may get periods irregularly. However after one or two years your cycle may get fixed if there are no abnormalities or hormonal imbalances. Depending on the nature and hormonal actions the time period of ovulation, there are chances that each menstrual cycle may last up to 32 days in your case and even it may go up to 34 days in few individuals and it can be considered as normal however. Only concern is about ovulation and quality of ova produced during the cycle which has to be cross examined with various available tests and once doctors are convinced that there are no irregularities, then this 32 days a cycle is normal and there is nothing to worry.

So, you may consult doctor for ovulation tests and its patency, and if that area is clarified, you can be happy and nothing to worry. In case if you notice that periods are irregular and abnormal, then it is better to correct yourself by consuming following medicines such as Rajahpravartani Vati and M2 Tone Syrup which are helpful in your condition.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 22 April 2014



Please do not worry and it is a normal phenomenon. Menstrual period cannot be categorized under a given time period. It is entirely different for different individual. On an average it is seen as 28 day cycle. It however never means that 28 day cycle is the only one which is normal while all others indicate abnormality.

When cycle period goes above 45 days, it needs to be taken to consideration and reported to the consultant gynaecologist. In such issues as time passes by there will be a gradual increase in time period which clearly indicates disease.

Another criteria to be known is the days of period and the quantity. Abnormalities seen here too are serious health issues which shall be reported. In ayurveda there is a wonderful combination of 2 fermented products by the name ashokarishta and jeerakarishta. Both of them will easily help clear the uterine system and anomalies at its best.

Stress is recently seen as another major factor which easily brings a shift in menstrual dates.

Thank you for inquiring us on this issue. You can always write back to us at any time on further query.

posted by Dr.Sony on 21 April 2014

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