Dengue fever to my 3years old boy

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3yrs old boy suffering from dengue,fever is reaching 104 degrees,its been two days now.fave is all red and body has rashes.less appetite n thrust,lips dried.constipated from last one week.suffered from viral on 20th Aug 2016 and after fever his cough didn't get settled again got fever due to congested chest.. from September beginning.. fever got over and i have been nebulizing him till now last year I n September got same allergic cough which lasted till two days back again fever started which is dengue pls help

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Apart from other medication it is very important that you keep your child hydrated and if you can give him Giloy juice / sat etc. then it will be very beneficial for him. It will raise his immunity level and body will have more strength to fight disease. Divya giloya ghan vati comes in tablet form but as your child is little then he will not be able to take it. Or if you can try powdered form.

But if you can get some fresh giloy juice then it would be best. Please do walk to your nearest patanjali clinic for advice. Do not panic he will will be alright just keep giving him enough fluids with other medication.

You can continue Giloy juice / vati even after he comes out of fever as this will raise his immunity against viral and other fever attacks.

posted by YogaGuru on 20 September 2016

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