Divya chyawanprash

pooja_1, 15 January 2013 23:45  this question feed

hello, i take chyawanprash 1 teaspoon and then drink warm milk. but can i take chyawanprash only in winter season or everyday ? please let me know. thanks

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Yes you can take chyawanprash and then drink milk.It is hot in potency but you can take it if it is not producing any unusual symptoms in summer also.There is another avleha preparation of patanjali called Amritrasayan that is specially made for summers you can that also instead of chwyanprash in summers.Dr Geetika

posted by Dr.Geetika on 16 January 2013


OMI am two month pregnant and i am suffering from severe constipation and having 1st degree piles please guide me how to manage this problem .thank u


posted by force1 on 17 May 2013

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