Erectile dysfunction

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i am feeling problem with my penis my age is 25 yrs . my penis is very small and soft . i counulted doctor he said that i have errectile dysfunction. he said me to take himalaya tentex royal. tell me should i take this medicine or i should take some alternate mediciens.

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The above mentioned medicine is good, if you are going to have regular intercourse with partner or married. Otherwise not necessary.

However, Tentex Royal will help to maintain stamina.

with regards,Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 26 July 2010


Myself undergoing post operative Cauda Equina Syndrome. Im 30yr old male working in software. Is there any medicine for making my leg back to normal. Will i be able to walk , sit for 8hrs and drive?

posted by ashokkeee8 on 1 August 2017

I feel problem smetimes i got the erection. but while wearing protection it come to normal size bcoz of time. erection is hard enough also i came smetimes quickly. my stamina is good. please suggest me the best remedy which will not effect my health.

posted by snehacute24 on 15 November 2016

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