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I am 37 year old, having average height, weight & vegetarian. I am having irritation in both the eyes. Actually the problem stated from last year, I was on vacation in my home country India. During vacation encountered a boy who was suffering form conjunctivitis, and after next day I also infected with the same. I had consulted a government hospital doctor & they had suggested FML, Ofex, etc and problem solved.

Later after six months the problem again started. Met with the same doctor and he gave same medicines, in the mean time observed that my vision getting reduced. and consulted a eye testing centre, and come to know that eyes are not 6/6. They suggested glass, hence started wearing glasses.

Again from last few months, suffering from eye irritation, consulted doctor but they had given some drops and ointment but not cured. Doctor told some spots are there & tears are getting reduced that’s why I am feeling irritation. Request you to please suggest something to come out from the problem, as the life / world is nothing without eyes. Thanks & Expecting suggestions With warm regards, H C Joshi

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It indicates that you have long term eye irritation.

There are few alternative therapies including Ayurveda, yoga and pranayama, diet etc.

Ghee, or Sesame oil, few drops of one of these will help moisten eyes, and return them back to the normal state.Half teaspoon fennel seeds in one cup of water, until half the water evaporates. Let the substance cool, and use it as eye drops.Place a slice of cucumber on each eye. The cool sensation will comfort the eyes, and reduce the puffiness beneath the eyes.Rinse the eyes with water daily

Eat more vegetables, especially ones that contain vitamin A/Carotene. Carrots are one example.The person should start exercising more often, and get plenty of sleep at night. One should eat a balanced diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and very limited amounts of meats and fatty foods.

Yoga and pranayama along with kriyas like Jalaneti, Trataka etc can be done under supervision.

There are some ayurvedic medications which can be used by consulting a physician.

Suggested medications:Opthacare Eye Drops,Divya Gulab Jal,Amla Juice can be used.

For further questions, please feel free to ask.

With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 21 February 2010


helo sir meri ankho ki roshni km ho rai h mujhe dur ki words kmdikhai dte h dur k chije dhundli dikhai padti h pls koi gharule upaybtay ya kuch aisa btay jise khane se roshni bde ankho ki pls pls pls.I respct u

posted by Balwantda on 25 April 2013

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