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bhawani singh rajawat, 14 June 2017 7:56

Sir i want to know that patanjali have any product for blood purification and what is the benefits of herbal Ayurvedic purifiers.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello, Vitiation of dosha in blood produces the toxins with in blood which affect the circulatory system and skin majorly, thereby leading to many infections and other skin diseases. Ayurveda applies the concept of raktashodana either by administration of oral medicines or by systemic purification by procedure of panchkarma. Majorly blood letting therapy termed rakta mokshana, purgation – Virechana and langhana treatment is applied in panchkarma. Ayurvedic medicines recommended for internal purification with the help of following oral medicines can be achieved- 1. Panchatiktaka kashaya 2. Mahatiktaka kashaya 3. Patolakaturinyadi kashaya 4. Nimbamrutadi kashaya 5. Panchanimba choorna 6. Maha Manjishtadi kashaya 7. Parpatakadi kashaya(Paripathadi khada) 8. Panchapallava kashaya 9. Mahanimba kashaya 10. Nimbadi guggulu 11. Swayambhuva guggulu 12. Guggulu tiktaka kashaya 13. Gandhaka rasayana 14. Arogyavardhini rasa 15. Patoladi ganakashaya 16. Patolamooladi kashaya The above medicines should be taken under strict supervision of an ayurvedic physicians. Secondly you should describe the symptoms to have an elaborate evaluation and prescribe medicines accordingly.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 19 June 2017

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