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20 years,female,my present complaint is gyring of hairs from 3-4years, and also I want to become fair, m dark... mom and dad both have diabetes n hypertension no any past history n surgery,m unmarried,disturbed some times, and when I wake up I do not feel fresh...I have constipation, normal appetite,4-5 times per day,and most important is I have the complaint of dysmennorhoea... Please suggests me the medicine,for to become fair and for also greying of hairs

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You have premature greying of hair which is due to the decrease of melanocytes in the hair follicles which gives the color. It may be due family history or nutritional deficiencies. Constipation must be corrected which will help you to feel fresh. You can take 1. Trichup tablets 2. Maha Bhringraj Tail3. Sukumara lehyam - 1tsp twice daily before food for dysmenorrhoea.4. Triphala Churnam for constipation and good for hair.5. Kumkumadi Tailam to improve the complexion.Eat healthy food with more vegetables and fruits. Include figs, raisins, prunes, spices. Do exercise or Yogasanas like Paschimottasana, Pavanamuktasana, Vajrasana which will improve digestion and prevent constipation. Drink warm water. Sleep well and take good rest.Dr.Ramani.

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Sir meri face bhut sawla aur daag aur pimples hain plz help me. Mujhe gora hone ke liye medicine bataye pimples free hone ke liye v. Maine kantilep use ki thi but koi assar nei hui.

posted by manishabara41 on 26 April 2017

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