Gain weight rapidly

saam1749, 3 May 2012 4:11  this question feed

My general body mass and weight is very very low according to my age.

How can i gain some weight .

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Hello,Mucus in stools indicates improper digestion leading to production of ama dosha.Previous medicines taken by you like avipattikar churanpancharistha increases the digestion by increasing the jatragni but can't digest the ama dosha produced while triphala, abhyaristhaincreases the bowel movements and has no effects over jatragni.Liv 52 DS improves the liver functioning.In irritable bowel syndrome the teekshana guna is administered to digest the ama dosha.Ayurvedic medication advised for you for 3 months are-1.Dashmooladi kwath- 30ml in equal amount of water twice a day after meals.2.panchkola churan- 1 tablespoon twice a day before meals with luke warm water.3.pipparamoola churan- 1 tablespoon in luke warm water before meals.4.tikta ghrit- 1 tablespoon with milk empty stomach in morning5.chitrakadi churan- 1 tablespoon with luke warm water thrice a day before meals.Fluid intake is highly recommended as mucus in stools causes dehydration, only luke warm water is advised since it increases the digestive power.In diet buttermilk and curd are highly recommended.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 25 May 2017


Hello sir, i am suffering from chronic constipation.. And weight loss.. I have daily motion but with sticky stool and not feeling clearly.... I have tried many ayurvedic medicines like abhyarishta, divya churn, divya udarkalp churn, trifla churn, divya bilwadi churn, divya avipittkar churn, zandu pancharishta, divya kutajarishta, himalaya trikatu capsule, himalaya liv 52 ds..... Plz sir suggest me other best medicines..

All my test is normal that is sugar, blood, urine, thyroid.... Still i am suffering from these...

posted by 212akshay.pandey on 19 March 2017


Weight gaining is possible if you do not have any underlying health issues which has to be screened well in advance. For example, depending up on your age, you have to get screened for liver functioning, diabetes screening, thyroid screening and complete blood picture. After understanding all these issues, by considering your appetite and other factors, you can start having proper food and follow lifestyle along with ayurvedic medications which promote your metabolism and that will enhance your weight. As you did not mentioned about your height and weight details and as well as age, I guess you are middle aged and I suggest accordingly. So you can consume Divya Badampak twice daily after food. Apart from that you can consume one egg daily if you are non-vegetarian, otherwise daily one banana and mild can be consumed. Consume fiber rich food which is very important. Follow proper food timings and chew the food properly and avoid talking in between consuming food.

With regards,


posted by Dr.Vijay on 5 May 2012

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