Gallblader cancer treatment

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sir mari mother in low ka treatment jln-bsp hospital cg. me chal raha tha jaha par joindice k karan treat. nahi ho paya.kaha gaya gallblader cancer hai.joindice kam karne k liye pet se tube bahar nikala gaya hai.hamse age ka treat. nahi hoga kah kar vaha se cmc hos. vellur reffer kar diya gaya.cmc docters test karne k bad hamse kaha gaya ki gallblader cancer last stage hai, yaha bhi nahi hoga. kay apkepass aurevedic treatmant hai.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Hello,The cancerous growth of cells at gall bladder are fast growing in nature. They show an increased tendency of metastasis which refers to spread of cancerous cells in other organs and causing the growth of cancerous cells there also.According to ayurveda the tridosha in body get vitiated and thus affecting the mamsa, rakta, ras and other dhatu there by causing a mass like arbuda formation and is considered ashadhya disease.Ayurvedic medicines help in improving the gall bladder functionality along with conventional medicines and prevent from liver damage-1.Gaduchi satva-250mg twice a day with luke warm water after meals.2.Panch valkla kwath- 30 ml in equal amount of water twice a day after meals.3.Kanchnaar guggul- 2 tablets twice a day with luke warm water after meals.4.punarnava mandur- 250mg with luke warm water after meals.5.keharuba pisthi- 125mg thrice a day with honey followed by luke warm water after meals.6.triphala kwath- 30 ml in equal amount of water thrice a day after meals.Above medication helps in controlling the jaundice. so review with fresh reports after 2 weeks.Panchkarma procedures called vaman and virechan are highly advisable to control pitta dosha followed by alternative asthapan and anuvasan basti with dashmooladikwath and dhanwantri tailum.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 6 April 2017


Mere papa ko gall bllader cancer hai. Wo hcg cancer hospital banglor me treat ho rahe the lekin jaundice hone ke bajhe se doctors ne mana kar diya hai.aur unka liver bhi affected hua hai. Kya aap bata sakta hai aaise me hum log jaundice kaise thik kare. Aur aap se kaise personally contact kiya jaa sa ke fuether treatment ke liye.

posted by luckysmita1 on 23 February 2017

Babaji,namaskar. Mere pitaji age 65 years ko doctor ne cancer and jaundice bataya hai bola hai gall bladder se cancer liver tak pahuch gaya hai. Bataiye kya karoon.

posted by rajeshrai018 on 10 December 2016


It is mentioned here that the patient is going through last stage of gall bladder cancer. This indicates the spread of cancer cells to the adjacent tissues and organs as well.

Please do not worry and at this stage all help can be taken from alternative medical stream. Positive attitude towards life, will power and belief in treatments are the ones which play major role at this stage.

Here i shall suggest you medicines which can be taken at this stage as an initial line of treatment. However a direct consultation with an ayurvedic doctor and admission in hospital is highly preferred.

Arogyavardhini vati - This is a classical ayurvedic medicine which is available as tablet. It shall be taken at a dosage of 1 tab three times a day. It shall preferably be taken after food with the below said decoction.Guggulu thikthakam kashayam - This is a classical ayurvedic medicine which is available in decoction form. It shall be taken at a dosage of 30 ml with equal quantity of water. It shall be taken three times a day preferably an hour before food.Cancer package medicines- Mode of administration is given in the link.


posted by YogaGuru on 7 May 2014


Gall bladder cancer is quite rare and the malignant cells grow in the tissues of gall bladder.It is very hard to diagnose at the early stage as it seldom produce any symptoms or most of the symptoms are quite normal and cannot be linked to a malignant stage like fever, nausea, vomiting, few lumps in abdomen and jaundice.

Gall bladder is the organ while lies under the liver and it stores the bile and digests the fat. It has 3 main layers and in the initial levels, malignancy get affected to the innermost layer and as it grows it invades the outermost layer and further to other parts. There are plenty of techniques available in medical science to detect the presence of malignancy. Surgical removal of gallbladder through a laproscope in the initial stages can be done or may be Biliary bypass to intestine can be done in advanced stages.

Since it is told already that she has reached the last stage means it is actively spreading to nearby organs like liver ,intestine or adjacent blood vessels. In this connection there is nothing great can be offered from Ayurveda as well.

Practising yoga and meditation regularly would do a great help in relieving little bit of pain.It is better to see any nearby physician to understand the condition better before heading to any specific treatment options.

Having Divya Triphala Choornamhelps to detoxify your system to some extend.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 7 May 2014

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