Ayurvedic treatment for patanjali for high creatinine

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Hello Sir, I require information on ayurvedic treatment for patanjali for high creatinine ?, I am thankful to you.
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Ayurvedic Medicine

If the GFR is between 15~29ml/min and creatinine level 5.1~7.9 mg/dl, it indicates Stage 4 kidney disease. Tiredness, nausea, swelling and drowsiness may be seen. Dialysis is advised when the creatinine levels become greater than 10mg/dl and the efficiency of the kidneys to filter the wastes reduce. Please continue with the regular checkups as advised and let me know the blood reports to guide you further. Sometimes Dialysis becomes necessary to improve the function of the kidneys.

Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Ashmarihar Kvath and Divya Gokshuradi Guggulu can be taken to support the function of the kidneys. Try to limit the quantity of drinking water.

Drink water as advised. Include gokshuram, turmeric and cinnamon. Reduce excess protein, potassium and sodium in your diet. Reduce meat, organ meat, butter, oil, bananas, peas, mushrooms, yeast, refined flour and caffeine. Dialysis will be decided based on the other factors and based on the clinical symptoms. Please follow the advise of your treating nephrologist.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 30 January 2016


My father is 74 yrs old, his s. creatinine is 3.90 and high BP now. Please suggest me patanjali medicine and ayurvedic formula and suggest nutrition diet and food please advice and maintane Creatine level.

posted by Bagdevj on 23 August 2018

My father is going to dialisys from last 5 months. He take patanjali medecine and after take patanjali medechine his createnin level is increase from 7.8 to 10.96 and urea from 68 to 91. so sir please reply what should i do.

posted by ujjwal.debsarma on 22 July 2018

sir,I am 62 yrs old. My creatinin level is 1.66 and have engioplasty two years back.Please advice patanjali ayurvedic product and types of pranayam to be taken at the same time.My sugar level is 85 fasting. My mail address gh******1956@***.com Pl. reply.thanks.

posted by ghosh.ak1956 on 5 March 2018

My creatinine level is 1.3 and udit acid 7.8Blog sugar 5.8 which medicine need for this also d3 is 35.9 And B.12 554 which effective medicine control my problem

posted by bharatsaraiya53 on 10 February 2018

My father is 59 years old, his creatinine is 11.92. and hemoglobin is 9. Yet not started dialysis. Is there any treatment for him with you. If so ,please suggest.

posted by neag_17 on 25 January 2018

my father 90 years old his creatine leaval 2.90 pls suggest me patanjl medicne and aurvedic formula and suggest nutrition diet and food pls advise me and maintane creatine leval

posted by shri.phanse on 2 December 2017

I am rajan , my age is 55, I am diabetic and my creatinine serum is 1.12. Kindly suggest medicine to lower creatinine serum level.fasting sugar at the time of test was 153,total cholesterol 203. Hdl 35, triglycerides 282,Tc/hdl ratio 5.8,vldl cholesterol 56.4,non-hdl cholesterol168.3.

posted by charirajendra on 5 July 2017

Hello my mothers creatinine is approx 8. 00 when we checked in month of may and also her leg is swollen. Is there any way we can avoid dialysis and she can be cured by medicines only?

posted by jshanbhag006 on 4 July 2017

My fathers cretanine is 2.67 and he is having high BP now.can he use allopatic and ayurvedic both a time ?and suggest medicines of patanjali. Biswajit Behera Angul,Odisha,759122 Mob.No- 97######72

posted by biswa.behera1986 on 3 July 2017

My 30 years old son is suffering from kidney issues. His creatinine leval is 2.36 mg/dL and he has burning sensation while urinating. Recently he suffered from nausea and vomiting.Please advise some Ayurvedic treatment. Thanks

posted by jyotsnanautiyal on 29 June 2017

Sr my aunt creatinine has increased within a mnth from 4.65 to 7.25Urea from 105 to 161 Nd haemoglobin from 7.6 to 5.9Bp high Plz suggest what to take to lower sameNd avoid dailysys

posted by Shubhra23.pandey on 24 June 2017

My WIfe Sakshi having creatinine 6.05 as she was suffering from HUS kindly let us know the treatment.

Patient Details-1. Age : 30 Years2. No Diabetic and no BP3. HB : 6.74. Platelets: 1,00,0005. TLC: 9,0006. LDH : 2497. Plasma Transfusion: 5th Sitting at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi8. LFT : Normal9. Creatinine : 6.05

Warm RegardsAbhinav KashyapSector:8, Rohini, New Delhi-110085E Mail : Ab******Kashyap16@Gmail.com | Ab******@globaladmedia.inMobile: 09######683, 95######42

posted by abhinav.kashyap16 on 30 May 2017


I am diabetic patient last 20 years. I am insuline dependency (20/20). During my routine test it has come to notice that my creatinine level is high ie, 1.88. Kindly advice what ayurvedic medicine should it take to maintain the creatinine level.

posted by manojkumardas300 on 7 May 2017

sir my father ram naresh jha he is 60 year's old and is suffering from ckd with creatinine 2.7% . sir can he retrieve or not?? can he live normal life?

posted by jha77725rajesh on 20 December 2016

My fathe has urinary track infaction due to this blood are comes with urine.He had high Bp and creatinine lavel is 4.6. and Hp % is 8.What to do sir.My father age is about 70 yrs.

posted by debbarma.suman on 15 October 2016

Respected doctor my brother had dengue recently and treated but now he has creatinine level 8, every thing is normal (bp,sugar, urea, potassium sodium ). He gone through dailysis 2 times recently but again its increasing and doctor is asking again for dailysis is there any medicine to decrease it.

posted by gunjan889s on 2 September 2016

Madam/sir my creatinine level is 10.1 and I am on dialysis I am taking medicine from Patanjali, creatinine is very slowly coming down 15 days before from today it was 10.7 so is it possible that slowly I will be properly fit.

posted by dhananjaytiwari9211 on 23 August 2016

Sir my fathers creatinine level is 6.5 please tell us how to lower this. He is having high BP and diabetic. His age is 60 and hb count 10 and currently not doing well.

posted by vsviveksharma930 on 9 June 2016

Hello sir my father creatinine level is 4.63 pless madicine for my father my dady also have sugar ,&High blod presser pless sugest very argentaly to starts my father tritment.

posted by sasatav14 on 26 May 2016

Dear sir my dady is a kidney patient last 4"year his creatina lavel is 5.4 uric acid above 150 how can reduce the both label.can I use the allopathic and ayurvedic both a time. Plz sir suggest the right treatment

posted by ankitsaran25 on 4 May 2016

My Cretanine level 2.5 .Kindly Suggest Medicines of Patanjali or other ayurvedic formulation to reduce this.Also advise if these can be taken simultaneously with Allopathetic drugs.

posted by hpspahwa on 4 May 2016

Sir I want to lower my creatinine kindly suggest a vaid who can give me proper treatment. I am ready to visit patanjali.I want proper kidney treatment.Thanks Regards M.Jauhari

posted by akjauhari on 9 April 2016

I am a diebetic patient from 1991 and had a angioplasty and by pass surgeray now i had kidney problem my creatine level is 5.14 i am just started doing kappal bharthi prayanam pls suggest me and suggest me patanjali medicine also and availability in thrissur.kerala thank you sir

posted by Krishnannair13 on 8 April 2016

Dear Sir,My faterinlaw , age around 75ys is a Heart patients and have gone for bypass years ago. Currently sufurring from Diabities from long and have been on isulin intake too.his creatine level was around 5-6 but in control, suddenly last week he had sever cough and chest infection due to it and now the cough and infection is in control but his creatine level have shoot upto 8.

please advice at the ealiest as doctors have put him in high doze and obsevation for 10days before going for dialysis.his food intake is almost nil.kindly guide me at the earliest.


posted by hitesh028 on 27 January 2016

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