How to remove pimples through patanjali yogpeet

Nirvana seeker, 10 June 2011 11:37  this question feed
Dear Sir, I need information on how to remove pimples through patanjali yogpeet ?, I would be thankful to you.
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Ayurvedic Medicine

HiPimples oocur in face as the pores gets clogged with sebum. Internal cleansing -Triphala 1tsp with warm water at bedtime for 15 days. Patanjali Neem Ghan Vati 2tab twice daily after food for 3mts.Mix Divya kanti Lepa with Rosewater,apply in face.If there is inflammation , wait to reduce and use lemon juice to clean face, a mild massage with Kumkumadi thailam and a mild steam inhalation once in a week. Eat healthy food, drink water, good sleep , exercise and less stress helps.Dont pick pimples.RegardsRamani.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 20 August 2013


namaskar baba ji mera name robin hai from haryana mere chehre par pimples hain or pure chehre par blackness ho gai hai maine bhut c medicine li jab leta hoon to thk ho jata hai jab medicine band karta hoon to fir se ho jata hai iska koi paka solution btaen plz baba ji taki mera color bhi fair ho jaye or pimpeles bhi thk ho jayen

posted by robingoyal01 on 19 August 2013

how can i remove pimple ,black heads on my face skin...and how can my face more attractive..plz tell sir

posted by Guest on 17 November 2012

patanjali ayurveda medicine for removes all pimples and baclk on my face

posted by sukanta.sukanta.sethi143 on 25 August 2012

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