Insomnia ayurveda patanjali

Lovely, 14 May 2011 11:38  this question feed
Hello Sir, I require information on insomnia ayurveda patanjali ?, thanks! very much.
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Dear Mrs. Sharda

The Mental Vata in your system has been imbalanced for a very long time now.

But you should not worry as there are many techniques by which you can get relief and enjoy life.

You can do Dhyan Yoga, and practice Yoga nidra.

Add Badam Rogan to the milk while sleeping, it will get rid of dryness due to excess worrying.

brain pack has herbal medicine which will help you a lot.

If possible get Shirodhara done,there are many centers having this facilty in nepal.

best of luck.

posted by Dr.Sharma on 30 April 2013


Respected Vaidyaji,My name is sharada ghimire. I stay in nepal alone because my husband is missing since 22 years and children are well settled and far from me . i have been suffering from chronic depression since 10 years and under the treatment of a Psychiatrist who prescribed different types of antidepresant drugs All these years i have continued to take antidepresant and doctor changed one to another as trial but i could not cured by these medicine medicine . i am able to care others but not able to care self when i am alone in home i feel fear and to much worry but cause of worring i cannot understand till now,i cannot sleep at night if sometime can sleep i wakeup with palpitation and very bad fear(called panic disorder),i think how i escaped from these horrible stress and think about suicide. but sir i want to live without stress and anxiety and want live better sleep so I would seek your kind advise if i can get relief from this suffering with the help of some yogas and patanjali medicines. i would remain ever grateful to you for this help.please help me sir . i also used meghabati but after taking that my anxiety was little reduce but developed insomnia and gastric probles(i couldnot sleep for long time . yours faithfully sharada

posted by gsharada on 29 April 2013

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