Musli from patanjali

Rimpy, 26 March 2011 16:14  this question feed
Respected Sir, I seek advice on musli from patanjali ?, God bless you!
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Hello musli which is popularly known as safed musli is well known for its aphrodisiac nature. It is seen to improve both the sex drive and sexual desire in men. It is seen to have excellent anti oxidant property as well. It is seen helpful in resolving several chronic conditions such as diabetes and cholesterol as per research studies.

It is also seen that this product helps in active absorption of vitamin C as well. The usage of this product is strictly personal. It is always advised to have a proper consultation with a herbal doctor before its use. It is seen to have several side effects when used in excessive dosage. It is contraindicated in females both during pregnancy and at the time of lactation.

You can always write v\back to us on any further query.

posted by Dr.Sony on 12 March 2014

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