Patanjali medicines for allergy

Amit Gupta, 5 June 2011 12:12  this question feed
Sir, may I request information on patanjali medicines for allergy ?, please reply back as soon as possible.
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Ayurvedic Medicine

Allergy increases the release of histamine that causes symptoms like blocked nose, cough, sneezing and cold. Ayurvedic medicines are given to reduce the excess phlegm and then increasing the immunity that will develop the resistance to infections.

Ayurvedic medicines like Vasa aristam+Amrta aristam - 20ml after food twice daily, 100gm.html), Divya Sitopaladi churnam and Divya Chyawanaprash with Saffron can be given for 3 months which will improve the immunity.

Include coriander, garlic, turmeric, tulsi, pepper, garlic, cinnamon and long pepper. Reduce excess fried foods, salt, cold refrigerated foods, canned foods and sweets. Avoid prolonged exposures to cold breeze and drinking warm fluids will be beneficial to reduce the phlegm completely.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 26 September 2017


Hello,Low immunity leads to various infection especially of respiratory system leading to frequent cold and cough.Ayurvedic medicines recommended are as follows-1.Lakshmi vilas ras- one tablet twice a day after meals with luke warm water.2.Mix Swaran basant malti ras, Divya mukta pisthiin equal amount and take 125 mg of mixture twice a day after meals with luke warm water.3.Mulethi kwath30ml in equal amount of water twice a day after meals.4.Haritaki rasayan- take one tablespoon with milk twice a day to build strong immunity.Nasya with Anu tailum or Shadhbindu oilshould be done twice a day to clear the nasal pathways and avoid any obstruction while asleep.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 23 September 2017

sir please refer the any medicine for allergy problems like that every morningnose cold non stop for daily half day problems.

please advise me any Ayurveda medicine in my mail.


posted by S.RINKUSHARMA on 21 September 2017

I am 35 yr old I have dust allergy in nose and throat all season.Gerd bloating throat cough dry mouth gum problem gas weeknessI suffering the problem last 5 yesCmc reportCxr normalSkin test dust mite allergy and good reducePns early air gapUSg gall broader partially contractedHb 15 vita d normalNasal spray zinc oval vozet pan d

posted by nisithmandal1981 on 21 April 2017

My 4 years daughter suffering from dust allergy due to running nose and cough and voice going be down.(throat infection).past from one years she continiously eating patanjali chywanprash with saffron.but nothing benefitsplease tell me ayurvedic medicine

posted by sattkar86 on 15 April 2017

Hello guruji mein kuch din Pehle fas 3 kit doctor ne di khane ko aur mujhe usese itna reaction hua ki pure Sharir mein Lal chitte bade bade ho gaye . Doctor ne mujhe evil diya aur ab vo mujhe koi bhi madat ni ker rahe . . Please mujhe help keriye mera pura chehra bar baad ker diya help me

posted by Impujamishra8 on 11 April 2017

I m 29yrs old living at solapur & not possible to come mumbai. I m now appearing for competitive exam but allergy disturbing my career & me, so I hv lot of tension about it. I have eyelids itching allergy problem from last 4yr. Yet I have taken homeopathic medicine but permanent problem not solved. I dont want temporary relief so if PERMANENT any remedy do u have please recommand me

posted by abhijeetdongare123 on 8 April 2017

my daughter aged 6 yrs suffers from allergic bronchitis for the past 3 yrs. we gave all medicines but no relief. suggest the medicine to get rid of this.

posted by valarmathi3107 on 7 April 2017

Namaste, I have been diagnosed with lung infection.approx 900ml water removed from I m on medication however have got cold & cough...which seems to be allergic advise medicine to increase immunity & control cough & cold

posted by sharvariparab03 on 8 November 2016

Sir,my son 15 years old, he is suffering allergic cough (non stop). And he is always itching his eyes and become redish eye. he is using alopathy medicine (steroid) since last one year. but no use, so please advice me how to relief him from this problem.

Ph: 98######98

posted by anandu20031978 on 30 September 2016

Hi Baba Ramdev and other members,

My name is Daxa and I am 39 years old. I have allergies problem and it's bother in my left eye so much. Do you have any patanjali natural medication to help me with this allergies problem.Because of extreme dust allergies cause me sinus/migraine problem too and it's getting worst everyday.Please advice me.Thank you.Daxa

posted by DaxaM19 on 22 July 2016

Dear SirI have frequent bouts of urticaria. My lips swells and i have irritation all over body.As per allopath I take cetrizine whenever I'm symptomatic to allergy but still I have to take at least 15 tablets per month. Please recommend me some Ayurveda or patanjali product which I can take continuously and get rid of allergy permanently.

posted by ajaynahta on 13 June 2016

Sir mere face par dane or funsi ho gaye h iske liye gharelu upaye batayeOr mere face pae acne type hai uske liye kya karu.Face par chamak ke liye kya kiya jaye.

posted by bhuvneshpachauri35 on 18 May 2016

Sir, my (1yrs) child have allergic cough,sneezing(rhinitis) for last four months so what treatment from ayurvedic side.I already gave so many allergic medicine that is only temporary reliefs .

posted by kokuselvaraj on 9 April 2016

I have lots of spots on my back and shoulders which are caused due to pimples and have left black mark on the whole back .it is since last 1 n half year.please suggest suitable medicine.

posted by saurav280111 on 23 February 2016

Dear Sir, My son get frequent cold, weezing and cough at bangalore location. At TamilNadu location nothing happens for him. but bangalore location he gets cold & cough issue. he had adenoid and tonsils operation on 2012. now his age is 8 years. what medicine i can give him from patanjali.

posted by selvam336 on 28 October 2015

Guru g namaskar mujhe eye allergy h doctor ko dikhane k bad bhi theek nahi horahi h.ayur bed ka permanet ilas bataiye.plz tell me soon.Maine dristi eye drop ka paryog bhi kiya fayda nahi huwa

posted by adhikari.rakeshnsso on 25 June 2015

Allergy in kids is a common problem which also triggers respiratory symptoms like sneezing, cough or dyspnoea. It is an allergic reaction of the immune system to smoke, weather changes, dust, pollen or pet dander. The histamine produced by the mast cells causes the symptoms. So it leads to more phlegm or kapha. This will reduce the appetite and affects the normal growth. Please let me know the age of your son and if he is currently having any symptoms due to the dust allergy to guide you further.

Ayurvedic medicines like Panchasava and Divya Chyawanaprash withSaffron can be given for a month and then reviewed.

Include berries, oranges, red peppers, mint, ginger, garlic, turmeric, tulsi, pepper, cinnamon and horse gram in the diet. Reduce excess sweets, salt and oil. Reduce exposing to the allergens and the medicines will improve the immunity to reduce the allergic reaction.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 13 May 2015

Namaskar Guruji

my son has suffered from dust allergy from 3 yrs age . due to allergy his health and growth is not normally developed.kindly suggest me.

posted by pijush.515 on 10 May 2015

Namaskar I m suffering from cronic allergy like runni nose,skin itching,to much dendruf,difficulty to taking breath,itching eye,sneeching etc. From last 14 years i had tried so mani madicines but problem has as it is.Please kindly sugest me that wich madicines sould i take?

posted by rakesh.sevok on 4 May 2015

Guruji, NamaskarMeri ayu 58 he.muje pure sal alerji ke karan Nak bandh ho jati he.or kaf,sardi raheti he. muji nak me masa huvath operation kiya firbhi problem dur nahi huva.Me bahot paresan hu rat ko nind nahi ati ,swas leneme taklif hoti he.Mera kaymi elaj ke liye ayurvedic medicines ke bareme margdarsan kijia.Guruji....pranam

posted by vasukala32 on 16 January 2015

I am suffering from dust and cold allergy from my 3 years, Please suggest for some medicine for quick recover. so that i can live happy and peaceful life

posted by monuchasnalla on 25 February 2013

Namaste Guru ji,

I m suffering form ABPA disease and its IGE level is 2500. kindly suggest me the medicine of ABPA.

posted by luthraleema on 16 May 2012

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