Patanjali medicines of liver disease

Harvey, 20 June 2011 12:13  this question feed
Dear Sir, I need information on patanjali medicines of liver disease ?, thanks for your help.
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From the clinical picture given by you, it seems you are going through multiple issues like liver disorder, acidity,constipation and cough with sputum.

As far as liver disease is concerned, further clarification is needed as to find out the exact condition.In this case a detailed check up and complete history along with dietary habits and lifestyle are very much important to come to a conclusion followed by treatment.

However at this stage i can suggest you certain medicines which you can take in as an initial line of treatment.

  1. Sukumaram ghritha- 1 tsp twice daily after food.

  2. Manasamithra vatakam tab - 1 tab at night with milk after food.

3.Baidyanath Panchasava - as recommended

  1. Charak livomyn tablets for liver - as recommended.
posted by Dr.Sony on 24 August 2013


Sir mera umar 25yr.s me 2sal se liver ki samaisya se pidit hoo toylet ke tim jalan hota hai. hart burn hota hai sarir me garmahat. Thick blackish white cough nikalta hai dyzest nahi hota me ne bohot dr. Se ilaj karwaya lekin koi result nahi mila dr.dowai ke sat multi vitamin leneko kaha lekin multivitamin leneke bad aor bura hat ho jata hai please koi medicin bataiye

posted by Md.dilwarhussainbarbhuiya on 5 August 2013

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