Patanjali shilajit liquid

Dirk, 7 May 2011 12:14  this question feed
Hello, I want advice on patanjali shilajit liquid ?, thanks for your help.
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Hello,Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation is aggravated by stress, so firstly be calm.Ayurvedic medicines recommended along with shilajeet sat are as follows-1.Kounch beej capsules one tablet twice a day with luke warm milk after meals.2.Kamini vidrawan ras 125mg twice a day with luke warm milk after meals.3.Yauvanamrit vati one tablet twice a day with luke warm water after meals.4.King XL cream apply the cream twice a day.Pranayam like bhasatrika, bhrahmari, anulom vilom and kapal bhatti along with yogasana like trikonasana, sarvanagasana, suryanamaskar and savaasana. Shilajeet sat should be taken in dose of 2 drops in milk twice a day after meals.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 8 September 2017


Sir thanks for your support, I am using shilajit liquid but I am not well inform about how to take and how much I take, I am having pre ejection problem and not last for long, please sir help me...

posted by newwinddragon on 5 September 2017

Sir main bahut dukhi hoon kyonki mera penish tite nahi hota hai agar tite bhi hota hai to andar dalne par turant dhila ho jata hai plz help me sir mera do mahine main saadi hai

posted by Rohit993471 on 14 December 2016

hello sir, i am suffering from chronic back pain. in medical terminology its called anterior wedging in T7 T9 T10 and more problems in cervical and as well lumbar and tail bone, last year i got UTI urinary track infection ,doctors gave me oral medicine didnt worked then IV by dripper didnt worked then picc line it helped but very week , after that i got blood cloting in my lungs , then i had fall legs was numb , then heavy spasms in my back due to that i am unable to talk . took some ayurvedic medicine of patanjali it helped a lot improved , but my spine didnt get well , in easy terminology i have incomplete spinal cord injury. can you suggest me some ayurvedic medicne or treatment. as doctors are refusing for surgery because its to complecated and risky to operate on me and as well needs mulitple surgery which is dangerous for me . i am looking for conservative treatment, i need guidence and help can you show me the light.

posted by omdhupad on 19 October 2016

Hello sir. I m 24 year old unmarried. Last time I got relationship with my gf but their is no any type of feeling occurred in my body. My penis was totally silent. And if it raised than its again fall down with in second. Now I m feeling very samefull. Would you plz give m some suggestion that how can I got my previous happy life again with my gf. Will silajit can help me to come out of this type of prblm ?

posted by tiwariudaykumar1993 on 23 August 2016


Please don't worry as several products are available in ayurveda to resolve the sex issue particularly in males. Shilajit in liquid form is said as shilajit sat. This product is available for online purchase from our online pharmacy as well.

Shilajit is perhaps a nectar which is seen coming out from cracks of several moutains such as the himalayas and the tibet. It has several health benefits. It is seen to have aphrodisiac property and is found helpful in resolving sexual issues in males. It is found to give result in clinical conditions such as premature ejaculation and infertility.

This product in the form of liquid shall be taken in 2 or 3 drops mixed with milk or warm water and shall be taken at night after food before sleep. It is also found to improve the immune system of our body as well.

posted by Dr.Sony on 20 February 2014


posted by shahrohit6690 on 2 March 2012

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