Patanjali shilajit sat

Rajesh Tyagi, 16 April 2011 12:14  this question feed
Sir, may I request information on patanjali shilajit sat ?, thanks! very much.
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Pure extracts of Shilajit is having effective pharmacological properties as it contains antiulcerogenic properties that prevents gastric irritation, antioxidant properties that helps to improve immunity system, cognitive and memory enhancer properties helps to boost memory and intellectual power.

Its antidiabetic properties helps to prevent and control diabetes. It prevents diabetes in individuals who are in risk of getting diabetes.

Anxiolytic properties of Shilajit is helpful in preventing anxiety in individuals who are suffering from anxiety.

Immunomodulatory properties and Antiallergic properties of Shilajit will help to boost immunity system.

Anti-inflammatory properties of Shilajit helps to prevent infections and Analgesic properties of Shilajit helps in treating pain due to inflammation.

It helps in treating fungal infections as Shilajit contains antifungal properties.

Since the ability of Shilajit is to interact positively with other drugs, it is used in various formulations and acts as effective medicine.

As Shilajit has neuroprotective property that helps in treating various mental disorders.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 22 March 2014



Divya shilajit sat is the extract of shilajoth. Itvalso consistvof potent metals such as gold , iron silver etc.

Shilajith by itself is a phytocomplex which consist of more than 85 minerals in its ionic form. It is seen to have both anti oxidant abd anti ageing property. It is seen helpful in treating several disease conditions such as urinary and digestive systems.

It is a potent aphrodisiac and is seen to be helpful in resolving several sexual disorders in men. It helps in increaing the sexual desire and sex drive in both men and women. It increases the blood flow stream to penis in men thereby giving a deeper and stronger penetration.

It shall be taken at a dosage of 2 to 3 drops woth milk or warm water at night before sleep. Due to its rasa nature it shall be noted that overdose shall be fatal.

posted by Dr.Sony on 19 February 2014

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