Patanjali yogpeeth mai liver ki remedies

Liama, 17 February 2011 18:57  this question feed
May I request information on patanjali yogpeeth mai liver ki remedies
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As you are suffering with mild hepatomegaly and fatty liver which is quite common in overweighed persons and obese persons, and those who does not follow proper diet like consuming too much oily foods, and the foods which are heavy for digestion. As you have already undergone hysterectomy, and there may be chances of hormonal imbalances and accordingly there may be disturbances in metabolism and if there is no proper liver metabolism, you may get liver complaints. If your condition is mild hepatomegaly, and grade 1 fatty liver, you can try to manage this condition with modified lifestyle and strict diet. Lifestyle modification includes daily walking which his very helpful and reduce oily foods which is very important.

Following medicines are indicated for your condition such as Livomap, Divya Udaramrit Vati which are good medicines to use for the same condition.

Avoid non-vegetarian food also.

With regards,

Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 25 October 2012


ram ram baba ji . i am 33 year old mera 2 sal se hepatitis B ka treatment allpatic se chl reha hai. pr ab mai ayurved se patanjali mai apna treatment karana chayata hu pz help me ..kb, keha or kis ke milna hai mere help kare..

posted by pbccs on 1 July 2016

im year male my liver hepatomegaly with fatty infiltration lft report normal bilirubin total 0.7, bilirubin direct 0.4 bilirubin indirect 0.3,sgot ast 20,sgpt alt 36 alk phosphatase 197

posted by PHULERA2011 on 24 February 2016

35year male, i have been tested my liver function test show sgot66, sgpt82, how to reduce get normal level, if increase what will happening liver, so pl advise me aurvedic medicine, my cell no09######881

posted by palani6mugam on 1 August 2013

I have been operated in August 2011 hysterectomy now I am feeling pain in stomach right side. Dr advised me for USG as per USG report Dated 19.10.2012 Impression found "Mild Hepatomegaly with fatty leaver". so please advise me related Yog & Aurvedic Medicine.FROM: Mrs,GURU CHARAN SHARMA AGE 50 YEAR KOTA RAJASTHAN M.N.094139-45375

posted by pramod1967.ctd on 21 October 2012

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