Ramdev baba medicines for urethral stricture

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I need information on ramdev baba medicines for urethral stricture
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Urethral stricture means narrowing of the urethra and it happens due to injury during surgery intervention during pregnancy or other reason, urinary tract infection or due to kidney stones. If in long run urethral stricture treatment is not done then it will cause damage to the kidneys.

Urethral dilation are the most common treatments and then urethroplasty needs to be done. Ayurvedic medicines can be administered to avoid any associated urinary infection and pain.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Urethral Stricture

  1. Patanjali chandraprabha vati - 1 tablet twice a day after meals.

  2. Patanjali gokshuradi guggulu - 1 tablet twice a day after meals with lukewarm water.

  3. Medicines like Brihatyadi Kashayam - 15 ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily.

  4. Soak a cloth with warm Dhanwantharam oil and place it over lower abdomen and for 20 minutes.

Diet for Urethral Stricture

Include cucumber, water melon, coconut water and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Drink water boiled with coriander, gokshura and barley. Try to urinate every 2 hours and try emptying your bladder completely without rushing.

posted by Dr.K.Sharma on 12 August 2020

I am 41 years old lady from OdishaI have a son delivered through surgery in 2009From that day l had pain in urinating and slow flow without retention in bladderFrom last one year l had very slow flow and dilated 5 times now l am doing self catheterization in 4 days and I'm afflicted with urethral stenosis

posted by sujatasamantaray1979 on 12 August 2020

My self Biplab Banerjee is having problem of urethra stricture past 10 years can you suggest me best Ayurvedic medicine. which can help me to fully cure fromthis

posted by b.biplab07 on 1 October 2017

urethral stricuture permnently removed, suggest babas aayurveda medicine.i have done laser surgery aslo but no use.now doctor says to uretroplasty. but i am not sure it will be success.pls recurrence

posted by sonavane on 9 August 2017

I 65 yrs old. Having prostrate carcinoma since 2006. Having turn opt& tradition. After urinary stricture periodical dilute having.Again carcinoma detected in urinary passage & bladder. Again tradition applied at tata memorial.Suggest treatment.

posted by narayanmanu28 on 4 April 2017

I need aurbedic medecine for striture. because already i have done surgery but it not recover so i need a good aurvedic medecine to complite cure for this deassise

posted by b.biplab07 on 11 June 2016

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