Ramdev patanjali for conceive

Manish Nautiyal, 1 May 2011 15:03  this question feed
Hello, kindly provide advice on ramdev patanjali for conceive ?, please reply back as soon as possible.
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Yes, clinically you can get pregnant with one fallopian tube alone under the following conditions.

-If you have one or both ovaries-If you still ovulate-If the remaining fallopian tube is healthy.

Here if you don't get pregnant even after one year of unprotected intercourse, you will have to approach your gynecologist for the best evaluation.

Here i can suggest you certain medicines which can be taken as a first line to clean the reproductive system

  1. Ashokarishtam - 30 ml twice daily after food

  2. Jeerakarishtam - same as above

  3. Kadalee kalpa rasayanam - 1 tsp twice daily

posted by Dr.Sony on 2 September 2013


Sir, I am 33 year old women. I contact gynecology for treatment for pragnacy. According to Dr. all report is normal. occasional pelvic painful & menstrual cycle also painfull. Please advice me.

posted by prajapati.vimla83 on 16 July 2016

Sir I try to conceive from 2 years we contact gynecologist but no use marriage is late all test are normal I want one child. Doctor says pcod problem please suggestion me

posted by yamuna on 21 April 2016

I am 40 yrs old woman having 17yrs child now I want second baby my all harmons are in normal range but AMH is on border line my menstrual cycle is normal can I get pregnant early

posted by manishadawange on 25 August 2014

hello sir , please provide me the ayurved medicine to became a pregnent as i am 35 year old married women and my one tube is closed so can you help me which medicine should i take to became a pregnent. is it possible that with one tube also i can be pregnent please give me reply ........

posted by prince23281 on 14 August 2013

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