Hep b treatment in patanjali

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pranam sir this is akhilesh from gaya(bihar).i m suffering from hep.b from last 8 years.i went to AIIMS also.dr. said that no medicine reqired that time.i taken liv52hb also but now i m facing some problem with my stomach.what should i do now.what r the check-up reqired now.do u have any cure...pls help me...09######577

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Antral gastritis is the inflammation in antrum of the stomach causing delay in emptying of food thereby causing the burning sensation , blenching and hiccups.Prolonged gastritis lead to ulcer formation in stomach.As chronic antral gastritis means presence of atrophic and inflammatory lesions on gastric mucosa.Ayurveda call it as amalpittacaused mainly by raised pitta.AYURVEDIC MEDICINES RECOMMENDATIONS-1.Sootshekhar ras-1 tablet thrice a day with honey.2.Kamdudha ras-1 tab thrice a daywith luke warm water.3.praval pishti+shank bhasam-250 gm each with honey twice a day4.Avipatikar churan-1 tablespoon before meals twice a day5.amalaki churan 1 tablespoon twice a day with patoladi kwath.Yogic exercises like sarvangasan, dhanur asan,halasan, vajra asan etc should be done regularly as they help in increasing the gastric acid release effectively.PRECAUTIONS-_Avoid oily, fatty foods as they can delay the emptying of stomach.Increase the intake of fresh and green vegetables.-Avoid alchohol, smoking and beverage foods completely_take cold milk at small interval of time.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 30 July 2016


Sir Iam facing hbsag last 20 yrs. Is it curable as per ayurvedic medicines. I was treated with intraferan inj. Now iam continuously taking HBV lamivir. Any suggestions from u r side

posted by kavitibairagi on 30 May 2020

How and where I will get. Medice for hepatitis b I am from Belgaum karanataka pl send details of guidance I am suffering from hepatitis b PL let me know your nearest center

posted by bharma_k on 7 July 2017

Hbsag positive Negative treatmentSir mera hbv pcr DNA test hua tha 358/ m.l. 2009 me. Dawa chal Raha tha abhi band hai. Sir koi acha treatment batiye. Negative ho jayega sir.

posted by 1989pavansingh on 15 May 2017

Sir,Me marchant Navy Hu. Muje Hepatitis B surface Antigen hai value 2.93 nd cut off 0.26 Hoti hai . Ye muje bss 15 din phle hi pta chla jb me medical Krane gya hospital me, uske bad me Apollo, Narayana hospital dono me dr. Ko dikhaya ,dono jga yhi bole ki HBs chronic ka koi ilaj nhi hai ,ye permanent bimari hai..Ye meri family me bi kisi ke nhi hai........ Iss bimari se mera carrier Dav pr lga hua hai ,kiu ki HBs wale Ko koi vi shipping company nhi leti ....Avi mera carrier start hone wala tha engineering complete Hui hai,mera age 22yrs hai,ab me kya kru aap hi koi solution de....Jisse me 1-2 mahine me bilkul thik ho jau

posted by mahendersinghgujjar1994 on 14 May 2017

Sir I am diabetic & sufferingBy lever seorocis l want to take treatment at yoga gramPlz how many days treatmentIs going on & total expenses With my attendantPlz help needfullThanks M S Baghel

posted by baghms61 on 10 March 2017

Pranam Baba ji,Anoop Sharma I am suffering from hepatitis b last 3 year.I had take medicine for 1 year my viral load has been 0 (not detected ) in my report.So I stop the take medicine for 6 month then my viral load has increase 5000.When first time test my blood my viral load is 60lacs after has been 0 the stop the medicine for 6 month viral again increase up to 5000.So why increase viral load again.Allopathy doctor says that you have to take medicine forever.Tblet is Tenohap.But tablet not taking this time I taking medicine from Patanjali. As sarvakalp kwath Totla kwath Arogyabardhani Bati liv D 38 tablet Chtrakadi bati for appetite mandoor,lauh,Abhrak,prval basm only so these products is enough or right tab for hepatitis b and.please tell me what should do .these tablet eating on for three months I don't know that hepatitis b cure or not please confirm.if these tablet is not good or enough please tell me good tab.

Arogya bati is not available here (etah near Agra)

posted by anoop9636 on 10 February 2017

Pranam babaji,i am hrusikesh behera. I am suffering in mild antral gastritis with dudodenal ulcer since 2015 till now.taking many alopathic medicines i cann't be cure completely.so please tell me what is effective medicne for me.

posted by hrusikeshbehera1234 on 27 July 2016

Hello sir. I am Sunil. I am suffering from erectile dysfunction and generally have less sexual desire. My age is 33. Kindly suggest me. I am also suffering from premature ejaculation.

posted by er.amiteshsingh on 11 July 2016

sir, i am suffering from Hep b positive from last many years and treated and had medicines from Patinjali haridwar, guwahati, atibetan medicines,alopathic medicines but still not cure. and then suffering from maigrane from last one years . still not curing what to do pls sggess me.

posted by urgengombu143 on 25 June 2016

Sir good morning. I had hepatitis b positive. But my liver function is normal and I have no symptoms. Plz said how is health condition. Which treatment is favour tome?

posted by Seethareddy13 on 21 September 2015

Acharya Balakrishnan ji, I am Shankar and my liver has enlarged. I take alchol.What to do to bring my liver to same position.I am taking Udiliv tablets and LIV 52 in the morning and evening. Please tell me what to do.

posted by shankar67ster on 14 September 2015

My mother is also suffered with Hep. B and we see very hard time when they were in extremely bad condition,no medicine was working properly,whatever Alopathic treatment they were taking were doing more damage to their leaver (in terms of long term) their food taking capacity was become almost zero....

after getting immediate relief from medicine we start following thing and after 6 months they became absolutely fine and after few years they are having no virus of Hep. B

Treatment:-Take in food daily RAAB (take wheat of makka and boil it in butter milk on heat for 10-20 mins add little sugar for taste just take that food daily once )

2nd treatment which also to be continue daily in early morning without taking anything elsethis treatment needs too much hard work and dedication but if you follow that you will defiantly get relief in 15 days

take 7 wooden/plastic buckets (buckets must have passage to pass water easily from them,then put clay/sand in all of them add some cow's garbadge for better grow,then take some wheat (60-90 nos) and put them in 1st bucket and add some water and do add water sprinkles on daily basis in that 1st bucket , on 2nd day do same process with 2nd bucket then 3rd day them fourth day then up to 7th day to 7th bucket....now you have see that some wheat grass will come out from every bucket when 1st bucket grass height will come up to 6-7 inches (approx) cut them with seizure, then make that grass juice on sillbatta and after taking its juice out with support of channi or cloth take that juice directly, do this daily with one by one bucket till 7 days, meanwhile sprinkle water daily on all buckets so that wheat grass will be grow daily and you will have a cycle,follow this till 14 days then remove 1st bucket all sand and old wheat and throw it and put new sand and wheat do this for all 7 buckets and follow same procedure...

if you do this continue till 1 month you will feel great relief in Hep. B and if you follow this till 5-8 months continue then you will be free from this virus

posted by ankur2k11 on 14 July 2013


As your condition is detected as hepatitis B which hampers your liver metabolism and weakens the functioning of liver function and that is why you are suffering from gastric related or stomach related problems. Depending up on the severity, the treatment depends for you. If the condition is mild to moderate, then you may proceed with herbal remedies or natural remedies and alternative therapies that include Ayurveda, Siddha, Homeopathy system of medicines which are helpful for your condition.

However, if you are having habits of alcohol, or smoking related, you may stop immediately and reduce or cut down the intake of non-vegetarian food especially the red meat.

Following medicines can be consumed which helps to improve metabolism and there would not be stomach related complaints such as Livomap and Nirocil can be consumed twice daily or you can consider consuming Package Medicine that contains combined medicines.

With regards,

Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 4 November 2012

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