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Namaskar Doctor My husband is 43 yrs of age. His uric acid level is 8.7.We are pure Vegetarian.He is drinking 3-4 ltrs of water.Taken allopathic medicines for 15 days to reduce uric acid level.after 15 days medicines are stopped.Now he is not taking any medicine.Again Uric acid level is increased.He feel sometimes cold & feverish. His ankle started paining.Doctor said its like Gout. Is there any remedy to cure permanently.

I will be very thankful to u.


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Since your husband is suffering from gout disorder where his uric acid levels are elevated and in ayurveda the same condition we name it as Vata Rakta where there is involvement of blood as well as Vata and that is why it manifests initially in joints, and that too minor joints and there are many causative factors which aggravate the condition or triggers the condition especially cigarette smoking, or alcohol. There are food habits which also aggravate such as eggplant, and red meat, and such similar food items which may aggravate the condition.

Following medicines are indicated such as Package Medicine that contains multiple medicines which are helpful for your husband’s condition. The package medicine contains internal medicines like Kaishore Guggul and Punarnvadi mandur, and Chopchinyadi Churna and for external application you can use Mahanarayana Tailam which is part of package medicine.

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Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 29 November 2012

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