Higher uric acid

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sir,from last one year my uric acid is about 9.5.other blood test and critinine level is normal.pl.suggest aur.medicine of divya pharmacy. also interested to open retailer shop of patanjali padharth at nasik Maharashtra a seva.pl.suggest procedure. THANKS.

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High uric acids in you about 9.5 units shows the symptoms of gout disorder where you may get pain in minor joint and gradually, there may be pain in larger joints too. In order to enhance your kidney function, you can switch to ayurvedic remedies and other natural remedies such as siddha, homeopathy, and other system of medicines. Usually, abnormal lifestyle and irregular food habits may lead improper functioning of kidneys and there are some hereditary issues also. After considering all factors, you can choose some ayurvedic remedies which are helpful such as Kaishor Guggulu, Bangshil, Divya Chandra Prabha Vati for internal usage.If you are consuming alcoholic beverages, there may be chances of uric acids and avoid red meat, and other non-vegetarian foods which are helpful as they contain purines which may cause high uric acids, and purines contents are present in mackerel, liver, beans etc., hence, one should not prefer these food items.Natural food like barley is indicated.Practice yoga and pranayama which are helpful for you.

With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 5 December 2011

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