Is there any treatment for mental retardation

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My daughter is of 3 years. She had a severe birth epilepsy. Now she is suffering from development problems. please advice

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In ayurveda it is considered as Mandha Buddhitva or Developmental problems.

IN ayurveda the prevention of mental disease are also given importance.

There are many signs and tests to asses the developmental behaviors which can be known once you consult and children specialist.

Medicines such as:

Yashtimadhu churna + Shankapushpi CHurna - 4gm with milk at night after food.

Brahmi Ghrutham - 2gms with milk morning and night after food.

Our acharyas opines that continuous practice of learning improves medha and buddhi

So pls consult the doctor to know more about Ayurveda treatmensts for the same

ThanksDr.Krishna Kumar

posted by Dr.Krish on 15 May 2013


as per your problem.

as you have told me that its a birth epilepsy but it must be having any reason related with it ,for that you should go for a neuro phy and have to sort out the case that is the reason behind it .

along with that start with saraswatha aristam 5ml mixed with 5ml water twice daily of badyanath .

along with that arvind aswasm 5ml mixed with 5ml water twice daily of badyanath.

along with that take syp mentate of himalya 5ml mixed with 5ml water twice daily .

this all will be helpful also do not let her go near fire or water tanks or any height places as it will be dangerous for her .

with regards

dr sanjay

posted by Dr.Sanjay on 15 May 2013

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