Kidney Function: Stenosis

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I am diagnosed with Stenosis of Kidney. My Creatine level is 2.31, BUN is 27 and my blood pressure is between 120-150/80-115 while my LDL is 114,HDL is 28 and Triglycerides is 118.

I would like to find out what can I do to decrease my Creatine and BUN level, while bringing my blood pressure to Normal.

Also bring my HDL level Higher

I am currently taking the following medication for High Blood Pressure: 1. crevedilol,Diovan and Norvasc.

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Hello sir,As you have multiple complaints like blood pressure complaint and stenosis of kidney (please specify whether single kidney is affected or both?) and lipid profile variations. All these complaints have interrelation with each other.

Please specify whether you have diabetes or not? And about kidney stenosis.

With the help of alternative therapies and diet you can manage or enhance the function of the circulatory system and kidney function respectively.Initially you need to focus on strict diet according to your nutritional requirements.Follow high calories-low protein-less fats rule in all food items which you consume.Potassium should be reduced, hence you should boil vegetables well and excess water should be drained off also avoid excess intake of fruit juices and coconut water. Regular exercises, yoga and pranayama is indicated.Herbal medicines like (Gokshura) tribulus, asparagus (Shathavari) varuna, punarnava, Lasuna (garlic) etc. can be used as medicine or in combination for your complaint.

You can consume Kindney Medicine Package according to your convenience along with Abana.

However, you need a personal consultation before consuming these medicine as you have stenosis of kidney.Please reply us for any further doubts.

With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 6 March 2010


I just found out it is not stenosis of Kidney, but as I stated creatinine level is high and eGFR is low (31). I am doing diet, low-protein, low-salt and also doing 40 minute brisk walk every day. If I wanted to consult with you on what number can you be reached and what alternative herbal medicine can be taken to reduce reduce the creatinine level while increasing the eGFR. Your help is greatly appreciated and needed.

posted by needhelp on 6 March 2010

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