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Kidney stones or Renal stones is a very painful condition generally in which small particles in form calcium accumulate in kidney and when they move a bit it causes pain. Sometimes these stones travels from kidney to urinary bladder via connecting tube and if stuck causes intense pain in back and person also has symptoms like fever and vomiting. Generally small stones less then 5 mm comes out itself with increase in water drinking or with medication or remedies like consumption of lemon with lukewarm water. Few cases requires surgical interference.

Ayurvedic medicines like Nilstone, himalaya cystone are helpful in dissolving these stone into minute particles which comes out with the urine flow.

Ultrasound is the medical technique to identify stone size, location etc.

posted by YogaGuru on 2 July 2020


Respected Guru Ji, Sadar Pranam. I was having a 6 mm stone in left lower uretor. I took treatment for one year but didn't get any benifit then I have gone through the operation and get removed the stone. Now what precaution should i keep to stop the chances of kidney stone regenration. Best Regards Subodh (32 Yrs)
posted by SubodhTyagi8 on 2 July 2020
Guruji Namaskar My father is suffering from kidney stones problem ,,is remedy there under your guidance, Thanks
posted by debu45 on 2 July 2020
Dear Guruji, I am suffering from Kidney stone size 9.8 mm (single).Please suggest any medicine package for this. Regards Rajender Kumar
posted by RajenderKumar28 on 2 July 2020

Nilestone is very good for renal stones. 2 capsules daily for 9 days with lukewarm water mixes with lime juice empty stomach to be taken in morning.

posted by Dr.Gulati on 25 June 2020

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